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If you are looking for a nice of hiking experience mouth

Tochal Complex:  The closest ski resort to Tehran
If you are looking for a nice hiking experience mouth, a great skiing day, fresh air, a unique view of Tehran, different groups of age and sex, different food and snacks, and also a unique experience of Tehran tour, the Tochal complex is the best. It's really great for a day of hiking. There are 4 ways to reach the mountain. On average, you have 12 km to reach the mountain. You have a wonderful view, especially on Mount Damavand. You also have the gondola (Telekabel, cable car) to reach the mountain and back.

A tall and great tower laid over the high hills of Tehran's west.

Milad Tower: Tehran's highest modern tower
A tall and great tower lay over the high hills of Tehran's west. The 6th tallest tower in the world, with 435 meters in height. Having seen other tallest towers in DUBAI and CANADA, it's different and can have lunch at the revolving restaurant of this tower. In the wind and chilling atmosphere having a look at TEHRAN from the view of the tower is great.

Darband area

Darband area: The first nature friend choice
Beautiful Nature, Long and old trees, high mountains, fresh air, Colorful restaurants with fresh tea and foods, permanent river, all come with fresh oxygen are the reasons that make it the first nature friend choice. These natural reasons will intoxicate you so much that you lose track of your time there. You can spend your day in the Darband mountain range, and enjoy the nice and pleasant weather and the sound of the river below you. You have a variety of choices to eat and drink,...

Tabiat Pedestrian Bridge

Tehran Nature Bridge, a unique masterpiece of modern architecture
- If you are an advocate of successful women.
- If you want to watch Tehran, more beautiful.
- If you want a special selfie photo of yourself.
And if you want to walk in the lushest region of Tehran.
The Tabiat Bridge is calling you.

Morahhari Mosque and College Historically known as the Masjid-e Sepah Salar

Motahari Mosque
Morahhari Mosque and College Historically known as the Masjid-e Sepah Salar (Mosque of the Commander-in-chief), and serving both as a mosque and a theological college, the Motah'hari Mosque with its eight minarets set close to each other is the largest and most important mosque in Tehran (3,700 square meters in area). Architecturally speaking, it includes elements from the Imam Mosque of Esfahan (former Masjed-e Shah), the style of Haghia Sophia Mosque...