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Rasoulian House

One of the most valuable traditional historical houses in Yazd has become the Faculty of Yazd Architecture. The Rasoulian House with over 100 years old has been located in the Sahle ibne Ali neighborhood. This historic house was donated to the Yazd University of Architecture by the owners of the house as a waqf(Charity) in 1989.

Rasoulian House

Now various parts of this ancient house have been turned into educational areas. This house like all Iranian traditional houses consists of two distinct external and internal parts. The external part includes a large Sashroom with colored pieces of glass, a Hoz-Khaneh ( a room with a small pool in the middle of it), a hall, a basement, and a windcatcher.

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Rasoulian House Yazd

The Inner courtyard is the entirely private part of the house for the family and includes three-door chambers, five-door chambers, sashes, a hall, a pavilion, and a windcatcher that all organized around a large vegetated courtyard with a pool in the middle. Also, the basement of the house with a relevant Qanat among it is the best place for the hot noon of summer.

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