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Golshan House

A great mud-brick Qajar house at the Yazd by the name Golshan traditional house. The house is located in the vicinity of Golshan Ab- Anbar(water reservoir), butchers gate alley, 10th Farvardin Street, Tal neighborhood. The building dates back to the Qajar dynasty (about 126 years ago). The house belonged to Haj Ali Akbar Mahalli Tali one of the most famous traders of Yazd, then it was devoted to his daughter, Bibi Fatima, and her husband, Haj Hossein Golshan, thus it was named Gulshan house.

This house, like all traditional houses in Iran, especially the desert ones, has different parts that together form an independent and functional house. These sections and parts are three courtyards, various roofed and semi-open spaces, two entrances, and several supplementary spaces. The most important parts of this great house are the eastern and western yards with large open spaces.

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This magnificent traditional house includes three connected buildings and like all old Yazdi, houses have the old residential and architectural features such as Entrance doors, corridors,  halls, wind towers, five, and three-door rooms ( Se Dari and Panj Dari ), basements, and a green yard with the tall tree.

Golshan House of Yazd comprises three parts the inner, outer, and orangery. Each of these parts had been allocated to specific members of the Golshan family and their servants. This 120-year-old house, with 42 rooms that each of them has been designed in a special way is changed into one of the 5-star hotels in Yazd.
The porch and the central courtyard of the house are good places to spend your free time and have friendly conversations. The beautiful mixture of the original architecture with vestibules, corridors, Sedari, and Panjdari rooms, and the reflection of embroidery light of windows altogether make a sweet memoir in your mind.
Till 1987, Golshan House had been used as a residential place. Abandoned for some years, its repair began in 1999 and it became ready to use after 3 years. Now, Golshan House of Yazd hosts visitors from Iran and all over the world under the name of the Laleh Hotel.

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