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Tabriz Saint Mary Church

There are various historical churches in the west of Iran. The presence of these historical churches in Iran, which is one of the most important tourist destinations in Azerbaijan province-Iran, and attracts thousands of tourists annually, shows the historical presence and peaceful life of different religions in Iran. If you are a religious tourist and are interested in visiting historical, and religious places in Iran, churches in the west of Iran will be your best choice as the most important symbols of Christianity in Iran. Some of these churches, such as Qara Kelisa (Black church) or Saint Thaddeus Cathedral and Monastery of Saint Stepanos, are of great importance among Christians.

Tabriz Saint Mary Church

Iran as the closest neighbor and immediate neighbor of Armenia has hosted Armenians and Christians for centuries and had allowed them to do their religious ceremonies and construct different monuments. The most important and oldest Christian church in Tabriz is the Saint Mary Church, Holy Mother of God Church. It is located in the historical Dik Bashi neighborhood in the center of Tabriz. A board of Armenian peers governs the well-attended church and the Armenian Prelacy of Tabriz.

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Tabriz Saint Mary Church

Why the Church of Saint Mary?

- It is one of the main historical sites in Tabriz city.
- Saint Mary's Church is not only the oldest but also the largest church in Tabriz City.
- Easy & fast access to other historical sites(Bazaar, Mosque, Constitution House of Tabriz).
- The ceremony of the Armenian Apostolic Church, (one of the main national religious ceremonies), is held in this church.

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Decoration of Saint Mary Church in Tabriz


This church has built on the ruin of an old church belonging to the 12th century AD (6th century AH) and Marco Polo mentioned this church on his way to China(1275). A 16th-century AD gravestone is the oldest one in this church. The original building of this building, according to the oldest tombstone in it, dates back to around 879 to 979 AD (1500 to 1600 AD). The church has a stone pediment, which according to the decorations, the type of arch, and the architectural features used in it, can be attributed to the seventh century of Hijri (1200 to 1300 AD) and the same period as the rule of the Mughal patriarchs in Iran. After the Tabriz earthquake in 1158 Solar (1780 AD), based on the inscription installed in it, it was rebuilt in 1161 Solar (1782 AD) in the style of the Safavid era.

Architectural of Tabriz Saint Mary Church


This church representing the architectural features of Armenia is built on a cross-shaped plan. The church is surrounded by a central dome resting on four thick stone columns. The church has various decorations, which according to the type of dome and its architectural features can be attributed to the 13th century AD (7th century Hijri) and the period of the Mongol & Ilkhanid era in Iran. The Christian cathedral is 17 meters long and 15 meters wide. The central belfry of the church is placed on square columns in the center of the church and the walls around it are decorated with the most beautiful paintings from the Bible. The Tabernacle has an Armenian architectural style and is belonging to the 12th or 13th century AD. The base of the church was made of limestone. The walls and pillars are of stone and brick, the vault of brick.

Where to stay
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But the closest hotels to Saint Mary Church are:
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