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Top 10 Restaurants in Shiraz

Shiraz is one of the main destinations in Iran and has a lot to say about history, art, and cultural heritage. As for the culinary culture of Shiraz, we strongly recommend that you embrace the tasty Shirazi cuisine when traveling to Shiraz. This is why we have tried here to name some of the best restaurants and cafes in Shiraz. By traveling to the city of Shiraz, you are one of the most welcoming people in Iran.

Part of this warm hospitality is for the widespread laid-back character of the Shirazi people. Tending to enjoy daily life, eating out and lively nightlife are among the main leisure activities of Shiraz. Combine this with the large number of tourists that Shiraz attracts and there are many restaurants and cafes in the city. That said, the majority of the city's popular restaurants are usually busy and crowded on weekends and during the peak tourist season (spring and fall). Therefore, patience and advance booking, if possible, is always recommended during these times, including at the restaurants below:

1-Haft Khan Restaurant
One of the most famous restaurants in Shiraz, which has a special reputation among tourists and local visitors.  The name of this restaurant has been taken from the book of Shahnameh and has 7 different restaurants. Each restaurant has a special name taken from Shahname, with unique designs ones. This restaurant is a complete collection with a variety of Persian and Western dishes, fast food, and coffee shops, for all tastes and tastes. This is an expensive restaurant with good quality and lots of different types of food.

2-Ghavam Restaurant
Do you like homemade food? Do you want to enjoy the traditional food of this city now that you have traveled to the city of culture and history of Iran? So, the best choice for you among Shiraz restaurants is Ghavam Shiraz Restaurant Cafe with a cozy and small environment, this restaurant offers you a variety of delicious traditional Shiraz dishes with the best quality and memorable taste. You can taste a variety of Persian dishes like different Kebab and B&B, Abgosht the most famous Iranian traditional food, A variety of vegetarian dishes with eggplant.

3-Soufi Restaurant
After visiting Afifabad Garden and Sattar Khan Garden and while you are immersed in their beauties, Sufi Restaurant is a good choice for dining to complete your nice day. This restaurant can be considered one of the oldest restaurants in Shiraz. It has been serving tourists and locals for about 20 years. This restaurant was established in 1982 with a capacity of 150 people and the architectural style of the Qajar period.

List of Shiraz Restaurants

4-Hedayat Cafe Restaurant
If you are looking for an attractive place for a drink or a good meal, this place can be a good choice for you. This is the best choice if you are a vegetarian or vegan looking for vegetarian food. A restaurant located in the city center and run by a young active experienced team. They serve fresh organic food and drink, including vegetables, non-vegetables, pasta, snacks, salads, daily dishes, non-alcoholic cocktails, coffee, tea, and desserts.

5-Mahooni cafe/ Restaurant
One of the good restaurants in Shiraz that is recommended and approved by tourists. This restaurant completes your meals with a perfect menu of breakfast, lunch, and dinner. In addition to Persian cuisine, you can also enjoy the European and Italian dishes of this restaurant. A variety of pasta margarita, fast food, and a variety of other dishes.

6-Shapouri Restaurant
If you are interested to have a romantic dinner in an old beautiful Persian house, there is no better than here. A Pavilion and Garden belongs to the early 20th-century. A collection of the most beautiful and unique Iranian original decorations and architecture that will enchant all viewers. A place where you can enjoy seating on the balcony, and having your meal. This restaurant offers a variety of Persian and traditional Shiraz dishes.

7-Sharzeh Restaurant
If you are tired from the march in the market and you are looking for a cozy place to relax and delicious Iranian food, Sharzeh restaurant near the bazaar can be a smart choice. Sharzeh is one of the most popular restaurants in Shiraz, located close to the entrance of the city’s main bazaar market, Bazar-e-vakil. This two-story restaurant with a variety of Persian cuisine along with live music is one of the important choices for tourists in Shiraz and especially around the Bazaar.

8-Baloo Restaurant
The traditional Baloo restaurant is one of the good restaurants in Shiraz that travelers know less about. But locals recommend it as a good restaurant. A beautiful cafe and restaurant on a flat roof from where no monument of Shiraz can escape you. Coffee, teas, fresh fruit juice, rose water, syrups, aloe vera ... Whether you want to warm up or cool down, you will find here what you are looking for, for a refreshing break while contemplating the ceramic domes of the mausoleums around.

9-Kate Mast Traditional Restaurant
Kate Mast traditional restaurant located on the ground floor of Saeed Hotel offers a variety of Persian cuisine in a traditional setting. This restaurant has a special place among Shiraz restaurants by offering various Iranian dishes as well as traditional Shiraz dishes. If you are interested in Iranian music, this restaurant can be one of your choices.

10-Sarai Mehr Tea House and Restaurant
The Shiraz Vakil bazaar is one of the most beautiful markets in Iran, which dazzles the eyes of every spectator. Among the beauties of the market, we can mention various caravansarais in the bazaars, which were a good place to offer all kinds of products. One of them is Sarai Mehr next to the Seray-e Moshir caravanserai with a restaurant that has created a comfortable place for tourists.