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Ghavam Restaurant
Do you like homemade food? Do you want to enjoy the traditional food of this city now that you have traveled to the city of culture and history of Iran? So, the best choice for you among Shiraz restaurants is Ghavam Shiraz Restaurant Cafe with a cozy and small environment, this restaurant offers you a variety of delicious traditional Shiraz dishes with the best quality and memorable taste.
You can taste a variety of Persian dishes like different Kebab and B&B, Abgosht the most famous Iranian traditional food, A variety of vegetarian dishes with eggplant.
A variety of delicious Iranian herbal drinks are other fragrant flavors that you can enjoy in this cafe-restaurant. In Ghavam Shiraz restaurant, professional staff will treat you with the utmost politeness and intimacy and you will feel good. Just make sure you have book your seat so you don't get stuck. Indeed, the very reasonable prices of this restaurant make you happy to leave Ghavam restaurant.

Ghavam Restaurant