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A Rooyl Pavilion for the Local and 'Migrating Pigeons of Esfahan

Pigeon Tower of Isfahan: A masterpiece of Iran's architectural
One of the architectural masterpieces of Isfahan, which is interesting and exciting for all tourists and visitors is the unique architecture of pigeon houses or Dove Cote. This masterpiece architecture with a simple appearance and attractive and complex technique has served the farmers of Isfahan for hundreds of years.

The Jews and the Historical Background of their Residence in Esfahan

The Jews and the Historical Background of their Residence in Esfahan
According to the chronicles of geographers and travelers of the 17th century, there existed initially two residential areas in Esfahan. One was Yahudieh, Jewish Quarter, and the other one was known as Jey or Shahrestaneh, Muslim Quarter. Yahudieh was about two times larger than Jey and its Jewish inhabitants migrated here since they could not tolerate anymore the endless cruelties of Nebuchadnezzar II, the Chaldean King of Babylon (Bokht ol Nasr) (605-562 B.C.).

The Zoroastrians of Esfahan

The Zoroastrians of Esfahan
Zoroastrians are amongst the initial citizens and the local people of old Esfahan, Gabay, Gay, or Jey that lived in the two ancient and historical areas of Sarouyeh and Mehrin, now known as "Tappeh-e-Ashraf and the Atashgah, respectively. Regarding this fact, the only surviving ancient Esfahan is the Atashgah which belonged to the Zoroastrians.

Shah Abbas I  changed the capital from Qazvin to Isfahan

Why did Shah Abbas I change the capital from Qazvin to Isfahan?
Today, Isfahan is the most important tourist city in Iran and was the third and last capital of the Safavid dynasty in on1626. It was selected by Shah Abbas as the new capital of the Safavid dynasty. This important tourist city of Iran with the most beautiful historical monuments that generally belong to the Safavid architecture and has been praised by all tourists has witnessed the peak of the prosperity of the Safavid dynasty. There were several reasons why this historical city was chosen as the new capital of the Safavid government.

How to visit Isfahan in Two- days

Free two-days tour in Isfahan

Isfahan is the most important and beautiful tourist destination for all travelers. This beautiful historic city with the most beautiful architectural monuments and hospitable people grabs the heart of the tourist. So a trip to Iran without Isfahan would not be complete. The beauty of Isfahan is not limited to its historical monuments. The local culture -  artworks -  crafts -  souvenirs and fine restaurants with traditional and international cuisine will have you stay for many days.