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The hottest and coldest points in Iran

Summer is getting over and autumn and winter are the seasons of your dream trips.  Iran's amazes are calling you. Iran is one of the countries in the world with a complete four seasons so you can have the hottest and coldest points in Iran simultaneously. These exceptional areas allow Iran's tourists to experience a wide range of seasonal activities at the same time. If you have the hot climate of the summer season, you have cold and winter temperatures in mountainous and summer areas, Also in cold winter, you can have summer watersports in the south Islands of Iran.

The hottest and coldest points in Iran

In the North West (Tabriz, Orumieh, Ardabil, Zanjan, Tehran), winters are cold with heavy snowfall and subfreezing temperatures, especially during December and January. On the other hand in the South (Bandar Abbas, Boushehr, Ahvaz) winters are mild and the summers are almost very hot.

Here we introduce you to the best winter destination for your trip to Iran.

The hottest and coldest points in Iran

Tabriz city - West Azerbaijan &  Kish Island

Tabriz the first capital of the Safavid dynasty is a 4-seasons destination. The mild temperature in summer encourages you to visit Tabriz and beyond. Kandovan or Iranian Kapadokia is the most famous tourist destination not only for locals but also for all tourists. The covered Bazaar of Tabriz is the longest in the world, blue mosque is a unique one among Islamic mosques while you are walking among other Tabriz historical sites. The harsh and long winters of Tabriz are the best destination for those who like winter sports such as skiing - ice climbing and staying in icy huts.

Kish Island is the Pearl of the Persian Gulf and has a unique situation in the strategic Persian Gulf region among tens of large and small islands. This island with calm coasts, coral sands, clear coastal waters, Diverse plants, and native trees, as well as a pleasant climate seven months a year is the best destination for a recreational journey. This unique Island with a collection of historical monuments, New modern malls, various water sports amenities, and new modern hotels is ranked among the world's 10 most beautiful islands and it is the 3rd most visited vacation destination in the Middle East. The relaxed atmosphere of the island has made it a resort for mental health. Foreign nationals wishing to enter the Kish Free Zone from legal ports are not required to obtain a visa before traveling. Valid travel permits are stamped for one month by Kish Airport and Port Police officials. The official language of the island is Persian, but English is also spoken by some traders, residents, and students who live on the island.

The hottest and coldest points in Iran

Saqez & Chahbahar

If you are going to have an ideal and cool destination for summer trips in Kurdistan and a snowy destination for winter trips Saqez city is one of the best destinations. The city of Saqqez is located in the northwest of Kurdistan province and is the second largest city in this province. Saqez is one of the coldest cities in Kurdistan province and even in Iran, and the minimum temperature of minus 45 degrees Celsius have been recorded in this city in the month of Bahman. This city has a mountainous climate and beautiful natural scenery, and spring is considered the best time to travel to Saqez. The summer season in this city is associated with mild days and cool nights, and the autumn and winter seasons are among the cold and snowy months of the year.

Although the winters of Saqez are cold, snowy, and icy, Chabehar in the south of Iran with a temperature of +20 degrees will be one of the best winter destinations for water sports. The mild climate, Indian Ocean, beautiful natural rocks, and enchanting scenery will bring you an exciting and unforgettable journey.

The hottest and coldest points in Iran

Sarab city - Ardabil & Minab - Hormozgan

A cold and icy winter destination with hot springs for therapeutic tourists. This city near Ardabil province and in the vicinity of Sablan mountains is one of the best destinations for mountaineers in summer and winter trips for skiers. Undoubtedly, the experience of immersing in natural spas among white snow will be exciting for every tourist.

If Sarab in East Azerbaijan with its cold winter weather is not your ideal destination, the city of Minab in Hormozgan province, near the Persian Gulf will be an unforgettable winter destination. The mild winter climate(+20) various citrus orchards, various low-price water sports, delicious local food, and hospitable people will charm you.

The hottest and coldest points in Iran

Hamedan - Hamedan province & Asalouye - Boushehr Province

Hamedan, the Achaemenian's summer capital is a four-season destination for your journey to Iran. Cool summers with beautiful natural scenery and harsh and snowy winters. The various attractions of this historical province have created a permanent destination for travelers. Ali Sadr Cave the largest water cave in Iran, the remained monuments of Hekmatane historical city,  Achaemenid inscriptions, and dozens of other historical monuments encourage you to visit this special tourist destination during your trip to Iran.

Iran's only marine national park in the south, mangrove forests, beautiful Naiband Bay, Asalouye beach with golden sands, and Nakhel tourist village are the most important tourist destinations in the Asalouye region that will complete your winter trip to the south of Iran.

The hottest and coldest points in Iran

Oshnavie city - West Azerbaijan &  Qeshm Island

West Azerbaijan province is one of the most attractive and unknown tourist destinations in Iran, especially for international tourists. Various mountain forests, deep and exciting valleys, roaring rivers, and zealous and kind people are the most important attractions of this exciting destination for nature lovers. Also, snowy winters and cold winter challenge every professional nature traveler.

Qeshm is the most important and famous southern island of Iran for all domestic and international tourists. This unique southern Island of Iran with a collection of the most exciting tourist charms is included in all travel plans. Historical and beautiful villages, vast mangrove forests, Portugues Castle, Star Valley, colorful beaches, numerous Islands, various caves, and dozens of other diverse attractions encourage every viewer to visit this beautiful island.