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Bazoft the lost Paradise

Bazoft the lost Paradise
One of the most beautiful and unique areas of Iran for nature tours is the Chaharmahal Bakhtiari region in the neighborhood of Isfahan historical province. This region is one of the most attractive areas for nature lovers due to its special geographical features such as high mountains, vast plateaus,  and roaring rivers. If you are adventurous and an ecotourist, we have a special offer for you; go to Bazoft land. Due to its beautiful and fascinating nature, waterfalls and oak forests, wonderful historical monuments, and nomadic life. Bazofia is very beautiful and a proper destination for those searching for a special land and a place full of adventure.

Why Kashan is the tourists' favorite city in Iran

Why Kashan is the tourists' favorite city in Iran
There are a couple of required criteria, which make this city a perfect destination for travelers. Obviously, there must be some lucrative things that lure you in the first place like top historical sights deep history nice and cheap hotels, and easy access. Kashan is one of the cities with all these characteristics. Kashan is not on everyone's itinerary, most people select the main historical cities: Esfahan, Shiraz, and Yazd, and skip this laid-back city on the edge of the Dasht-e Kavir desert.
There are different places to visit that cannot be missed and are all worth paying a visit to, though Kashan has all you desire.

If you are an Iran lover

If you are an Iran lover, Iran is calling you
If you are interested in different tourist attractions, Iran with the following features is the best tourist destination for you. Iran is the friendliest country on earth, a jewel in Islam's crown, and combines glorious Islamic-Persian architecture with a very warm-hearted welcome.

Caspian lake's coasts the Paradise of Iran

A trip to the Caspian lake's coasts the Paradise of Iran
The Lands of the north of Iran and south of the Caspian lake, known as the Caspian Sea, are a lush green paradise with all kinds of tall and old trees - vast meadows - lush green mountains - small and large local sluices - vast rice's fields - pleasant climate, and the hospitable people is the most important tourist destination of Iran traveler in all seasons.

Maragheh the Mughal's capital

Maragheh the Mughal's Capital
Maragheh the most important of Mughal's capital(1217-1265), a city of rich historical background, is located on the beautiful slopes of Sahand mountains near million-year-old settlements around Soofi Chay River and Mordi Chay. According to various sources, Maragheh has been the birthplace of Zoroaster, the great Arian prophet, whose mother, Dogdooye is believed to have been from this place, known as Ranhe at that time, the twelfth city constructed by Zoroaster.