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Are you a group traveler or a solo traveler?

As we explained in the last article about reasons to take a group tour to Iran. You made familiar with its benefits and limitations. The group tours will make ready you for a pre-arranged tour, professional guides, selected hotels with mentioned services, selected places to visit, and more. If you are a young person or a solo traveler and planning to join a group tour, consider that your fellow travelers might be older than you or different from your taste. But, this is not always the case. Maybe the elders are unwilling to stay up late and walk the streets. They prefer to sleep early and wake up even earlier. So be ready for some tolerance and to adjust to the situation.

But if you are a solo traveler or want a private tour. Everything is in your hand. Time, speed, and also cost. You move at your own pace and visit wherever you desire. You'll make lots of friends and even invite them to hang out with the locals, which is always a bonus point. Your cost will be worth services and you will always have the flexibility to adjust things to your plan.

In Solo private tours, you can pick the most appropriate date and customize your trip. Also, an escorted tour guide or even local ones with too much valuable experience and information will complete your program. Among these styles of tours, small group tours are a useful model for private tour lovers. They have fewer tourists, they are usually friends or family members, and typically, the number of tourists in small group tours is 4-5 people, which is very much like solo groups. You do not have to travel with others, waste your time for them, coordinate your plans and desires with them, and finally, waste your own expenses for them. you can have to have your own tour itinerary with all the requested details. Of course, this is worth the cost.

The benefits of private tours to Iran

A private tour runs only for you, your own families, or friends with no other strangers. In particular, you will enjoy the following advantages.

-Start and finish the tour at your requested time.
-The tour schedule will be on your budget.   
-The tour itinerary and sightseeing spots are customized at your request.
-You can have your own driver or even use public transport.
-Moving at a steady pace that fits your travel style.
-Ideal for people who need special assistance, such as elderly disabled people or families with small children.

1) You plan your own private tour

Unlike preset group tours, you are able to change your program. You can reduce less attractive places and replace new ones. You are customizing your tour. So the result will be what you yourself designed to be the way you enjoy it the most. Group travel does not give you this opportunity.

2) You have desirable time everywhere

You are the decision-maker during the journey. Although the guide advises you how much time do you need in monuments.  it is up to you to decide if you want to be absorbed by the beauty and richness of seeing and ignoring others or leave one place early to spend more time elsewhere. This is a very useful perk as the variety of sightseeing in a well-planned private tour could offer so much that you would need to apply changes on the spot. Group trips to Iran or other models do not offer such possibilities.

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3) You eat what you want, or anywhere desire

You want to taste the local food at public remote restaurants. Of course, this is impossible in a group tour. What dishes are your favorite among the possible choices in Iran? Have you searched and selected your Persian food and restaurants on Instagram, Facebook, or other trip advisers?
These and other interests might be in your full control when traveling privately to Iran. You can choose what you desire. Of course, the cost, quality, and variety of food will be one of the most important parts of your trip.

4) Communication with local people is a great experience

If you are going to realize the Persian culture, the best way is to talk with people and locals. You can make familiar with different aspects of Iranian culture. Some of them are unknown not only to you but also to most people in the world. You may want to get more detailed information on political structure and functionality, marriage and divorce, land and property ownership, education and employment, women and their working life, etc. There is not enough time for group tours. But on a private guided tour, there are many questions you can ask. Iranian experienced tour guides are very well educated and aware of the societies in which they live and answer your questions patiently.

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5) You  are creating a better-personalized trip

Sometimes during the trip, you discover new places and sites and might want to spend a few more days there. These changes will be done by your guide or tour operator easily.

6) A wonderful shopping time
In a group tour, you have limited time for shopping or other programs due to time limitations. On a private tour, you can visit more shops and spend more time finding what you desire. Your guide will take you to specific places to find better and cheaper goods while you are not worrying about the group's deadline to return to the city, bus, hotel, etc.  You can stop along the way, go to some local shops where the buses do not stop, to look for what you would like to buy.

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7) Great picnic spots to relax
In the long distance between the cities, you can select cozy places for relaxing, buy some snacks, get some fresh air, etc, while this is not possible for group tours.
It can be done as much as you want and at any time on a private trip to Iran.

Hence, these benefits can encourage you to book a solo private tour to enjoy yourself more.