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10 very effective ways to reduce travel costs
If you are one of the people who are accustomed to traveling, definitely know the best tricks how to spend time optimally to visit all the sights in a short time and save money. All the budget tourists plan time and budget for their traveling. Dreaming of an amazing trip to Iran, but feel like you can't take it because you don't have the money to pay for it or want to save for the next ones? Use these travel tips for the best ways to save money while traveling! We try to teach you not only the best logical and legal tricks for a safe and comfortable trip but also save your money for the next trip.

 Backpacker Tourist

The budget tourists can easily spend an unforgettable trip in Iran, strolling through the sights without much expense. For example, by pinpointing the hidden travel costs you can save money, you'll quickly discover how easy it can be to travel on a budget. The professional lifehack will help you to plan your vacation beforehand. Although you won't always be able to do everything on this type of trip, that's fine. Use each trick as it suits your needs, and you'll quickly cut down on some of the expenses that come your way! At the end of this article, you'll be perfectly prepared to plan a wonderful trip that won't cost you your entire life savings! Before introducing these solutions, let's talk a little about the difference between a solo tour and a planned tour.

Is Iran safe for a single female traveler?

Solo Traveling

Solo Traveling
Traveling alone is an exciting prospect, isn't it? The independence of free movement and the option to follow your own whims. The sense of roaming adventure in different countries. The freedom of traveling in a rickety public transport bus or traveling deep into the interior by train seems extremely fascinating. The idea of taking care of yourself during the tour, planning your own trip, and staying in youth hostels or budget hotels is exciting. Traveling alone is a very rewarding experience as you get so many memorable moments. However, traveling solo also comes with its own challenges. Linguistic and cultural differences, loneliness, and homesickness are some of the challenges of traveling alone.

Are you a tourist, traveler, or Backpacker?

Advantages of solo traveling
A high range of flexibility – solo traveling gives you greater flexibility than a group tour or traveling with friends. You can arrange your own itinerary by different flights, train, hire Taxi, or public transportation or even walking. You can stay at different ranges of accommodations like hostels, budget, eco-tourism, or avoid splurging your wealth on plush hotels. All the restaurants are in your hand, from the street foods up to super-luxury restaurants. You can eat a sandwich at street-side eateries or have a delicious and romantic gastronomic dinner at Michelin Star restaurants.

No agreement: in this type of traveling, you don’t have to compromise on your choices. Groups Tours often result in compromising your selection in savoring food or local beautiful places.

Lots of introspection: Lonely traveling often leads to a lot of time at your disposal. This stress-free time allows you to introspect and look at yourself also helps you to understand your abilities, talents, and personality.

Amazing experiences: The best part of solo traveling is the plenty of amazing memories that your encounter during your vacations. They help you to have a better recognition of the world and better decisions.

Self-confidence: when you start solo traveling, proves that you are in the high range of Self-confidence, and after successfully completing a solo trip one gets the highest range of one. You get to experience different cultures, languages, meet new people, try new cuisines, and tread the unknown trails and paths.

Individual route: The customer can choose the places he/she finds especially interesting. The customer decides how many times he/she will stay in one place and where he/she will go after that.
Individual program: Different people have a different taste, which means that the things one like, someone else can find uninteresting. If you travel alone, you can be guided by your own interests and give clearer priorities. You don’t have to be linked to the group. Tourists often travel to rest from the work and the people around. Group tour doesn’t allow this, while the individual one gives an opportunity to travel alone.

Disadvantages of solo travel

Disadvantages of solo travel
Isolation and Homesickness: You do travel to enjoy, not for Loneliness in a new unknown place. Different languages, cultures, cuisine can sometimes be very confusing.

Safety concerns: Solo traveling can sometimes lead to safety concerns. Traveling off-the-beaten-path or lesser-known trails can lead to unexpected safety issues that must be addressed. However, this is also the charm of solo travel. The real meaning of adventure and exploration!
Cost inflation: Sometimes one has to bear cost inflation while traveling alone. You need a taxi, but you have to pay the full amount as there is no one to share the cost. Traveling in a group(or with a couple) is more profitable, but with its own compromises.

Lack of Support: Nobody to support or guide you on unknown roads. Everything from destination visits to reservations should be planned on your own.
Awkward Conditions: Sometimes traveling solo can lead to many sticky situations due to a lack of awareness of local culture and customs. This can lead to being seen as a complete jerk by the locals and can invoke serious contempt and angry exchanges. Be polite, modest, and apologize, and use your head to avoid such situations.

Solo Travelers

-Our suggestion
Due to the advantages and disadvantages of a solo trip, we suggest coordinating your itinerary with an experienced travel agency. You will take full advantage of a solo planned trip's benefits.

- Free visa.
- Free consultation.
- Travel assistance.
-Hotel advice - Introducing suitable hotels - discounted rate, easy access to historical and cultural sites to save on transportation costs.
- Hotel reservation in advance, all over Iran, domestic public transportation tickets based on your request or itinerary, and saving time (referring to sales centers - transportation costs to the terminal - sold-out tickets at high-seasons or different events and ...)
- Local guides' help.
- Solving probably red tapes and taking necessary permissions.
- Discounts for travelers
- Advice on financial transfers (especially in Iran) in Iran no credit cards are accepted.

Now, you have a long list of advantages that can save too much money for you. So a solo advisory tour can have a lot of benefits for you. Of course, the quality of travel is different for people. You can do your trip with 19 US$ or 31 US$ daily. Also, more if you want. The benefits of a planned tour (Tailor-made Tours) instead of cheap tours ( budget tours or backpacking tours) would be in your hand if you add a tiny more percentage to your costs.
Finally, As if you check your car for a safe vacation and stress-free holiday driving, the different sections of your trip(itinerary, visa, hotel, ticket, transportation, addresses, and ...)are the different parts of your vacation's car, then It’s important to check everything before setting off on holiday so as to ensure the trip doesn’t end in the breakdown lane.

With professional consultation and planning, you can easily travel to all parts of Iran like a local.
Don't hesitate to contact us if you are going to do your trip to Iran.

Group tours

10 interesting tricks to save travel cost

1. The first rule of traveling is recognizing the people of the country that you are going to visit. Good communication with locals not only helps you to get acquainted with the culture and traditions but also to find useful information. They know the best and cheapest places. The Iranians are very hospitable, temper, and easy to contact. Don't hesitate to ask them about the best restaurants or souvenirs.

The people and land of Iran

Iran Hospitable people

2. You can start your communication with a few phrases in their language. You can learn the words and sentences that are often used during the trip on different web sites, for example, “How much is it?”, “How to get there?”, etc. Most locals, especially young people, speak English well, so there is not necessary to spend hours and days learning a new language.

3. A companion with you will not only is interesting but also economical. You can share the cost of hotels and transportation. Cheap hotels in Iran offer only double and triple rooms. In addition, while traveling with friends, you can save on food.

4. Despite the fact that Iran is an Islamic country with strict morals and prohibitions, Couchsurfing is very popular here. This is a unique chance to get familiar with local people better, and of course, to save money. If you decide to use Couchsurfing, you will get not only free accommodation but also tips, stories about interesting places, and delicious national food.

5. The phone is an integral part of your travel but what are the hidden costs? especially while traveling. If you have any problem, you can always ask the seller.

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6. Please avoid the misinformation of fake news via the yellow sites. Iran is a modern country with up-to-date facilities. Many travel services are available online. Thus save your money with new technology.

Iran Hospitable people

7. Public transport is well developed and very cheap. Metro & Bus system in Tehran is very vast and cheap, download a Metro map and use easily. To save money purchase an electronic card for long-term useable in the metro and buses.

8.Cab booking or renting a Taxi is very cheap in Iran, but the best way to get acquainted with the people and culture is to stroll through the city.

9. If you want to hire a Taxi, you need to know them better. Don't be surprised if the driver picks up the second or third passenger while you are en route. Taxi is a small public transport for several passengers. They would be cheaper, so you will only pay for your seat. If you want to be the only passenger, you must use the "Dar Bast" Taxi (personal taxi).

10. You can have meals in low-price restaurants, where they are not super-lux, but their food is very delicious, and the bill is not as frightening as in prestigious restaurants(local can help you well). Small public cafes can be found all over the cities and in the vicinity of attractions.