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El Goli Garden
The Iranian garden, as one of the cases registered by UNESCO, has a complete structure and expresses the close relationship between Iranian culture, nature, and art. Iranian gardens in different regions have shown a close relationship with the environment and a natural solution to combat the desert climate of Iran. This function has been performed not only in desert areas but even in other areas as well (for cultural, artistic, and religious reasons).

Tabriz El Goly Park

Iranian gardens have always been an allegory of greenness, immortality, and the effort of Iranians to fight against the desert, and have a long history (since the Achaemenid period- Achaemenian gardens at Passargade). There are many gardens in Iran that were built by different kings. Gardening in Iran became very prosperous during the Safavid & Qajar eras and cities such as Qazvin, Isfahan, Tabriz and Shiraz, Kerman, Yazd, and Tehran benefited to a great extent from this art, so many gardens were built in these cities. Among the most important Iranian gardens, we can mention the Eram garden, Delgosha garden, Chehelston garden, Dowlat Abad garden, etc.

Tabriz, as one of the western cities of Iran, with its mountainous and cold climate and vast green plains, is not deprived of the art of gardening, and numerous gardens have been built in this city. Among all the small and big gardens of Tabriz city, El Goli Park has different historical, artistic, and architectural features, which has made it the most important public park in the city.

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Tabriz El Goli Park

El Goli Park, The Gem of Nature tourism of Tabriz
El Goli Park, Shah Goli (Shah Gölü), the "Royal Lake" or the "Royal Pond with 60.7 Hectares (150 acres) is the oldest and most popular park not only in Tabriz city but also all over the Azerbaijan province - Iran. The construction of the original building of El Goli is attributed to the reign of Sultan Yaqoob Aq Qoyunlu and it was developed during the Safavid era. El-Goli garden with its unique design is one of the most important examples of design that is consistent with landforms and it offers one of the best models of hilly and stairs parks. Tabriz municipality made valuable efforts in introducing this area to tourists with important engineering changes like the creation of public spaces, numerous restaurants, and the 5-star Pars Hotel (El Goli).

Bagh Eel Goli (Shah Goli) is located within the urban context and at a distance of 7 kilometers southeast of Tabriz in East Azerbaijan province with an area of about 137 square meters. This park with an area of 137 hectares is divided into two parts by a main axis that extends from the hills of the park up to the large swimming pool. All kinds of trees have been planted in different parts of the park, which adds to the beauty of the park.

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The pool of Tabriz El Goli Park

The pool with an old mansion in the middle of it is the most attractive and beautiful part of the park. It is located on a terraced hillside with views of the north-western slopes of the hill. The pool size is 200 × 317 m, and its depth is between 4 to 16 m. The beautiful historical mansion of the garden is a Qajar monument and is built on an island in the middle of the pool. This building is changed into a local restaurant where you can taste the best Tabriz dishes. It was surrounded by water and built in the middle of the pool as the center of the island thus you would have a nice view of the sunset from there. The height of the mansion is 12 meters from all sides and you can enter it only through one side.

Where to Stay Nearby El Goli
El Goli is a unique place that is worth visiting many times. There are different hotels around this park. The most famous hotels are Pars El Goli or Pars 5-star Hotel, Shahriar Hotel, Laleh Park, and Tabriz Petrochemical Complex.