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Fathabad Garden

This garden is located in a village 25km far away from Kerman. it is one of the Qajar era monuments. It is called the Biglerbigi garden as a memorial of Fazlalikhan Biglerbigi. The Fathabad water flowing between these gardens gives special pleasure to this place. This garden is being renovated by the cultural heritage organization. This Qajar era garden is located in a village 25km far away from Kerman. If you ride on the Kerman train, can see this garden that is shining like a jewel in the middle of the desert.

Fath Abad Garden Kerman city

It is located in the Ekhtiarabad village 25 Km from Kerman city. This garden was a model for building the prince garden in Mahan city. This garden is currently one of the most important tourist destinations in Kerman. Visit this beautiful garden on your trip to Kerman and enjoy the sunset in this beautiful garden. Fath-Abad Garden with 13-hectare land and a 1500-meter foundation is one of the largest gardens in Kerman and has a European-Iranian style. The big rectangular pool of garden with 60 meters long and 6 meters wide has given a very beautiful view of the garden.

Fath Abad Garden Kerman

The different parts of the garden:

-The Main Building Of Fath-Abad Garden

Fath-Abad mansion with two-floor is located on the north part of the garden. This building is decorated with different plasterwork designs. The plasterwork and designs in this building are very amazing and eye-catching. The rooms of this historic structure have the traditional style of Qajar engineering and lovely lighting decorations. The most famous room in the Fath-Abad mansion is the “Shah-Neshin” room.

Fath Abad Garden

-Hokkam(Rulers) Museum In Fath-Abad Garden

Hokkam literally means rulers. There are biography and photos of the former rulers of Kerman in this museum which is located in the complex.

-Naghashi Room(Painting Room)

Naghashi literally means Painting. This room was the residence of the ruler of Kerman. All the walls of the room are decorated with paintings.

-Southern buildings
On the south side of the main building, there is a rectangular courtyard with rooms on either side.

Fath Abad Garden Four Seasons Mansion

-VIP Room or Four Seasons Mansion
The last part of this garden is the four-season mansion.
This building with the most beautiful Persian and traditional decorations, different brickwork, and plasterwork is so glamorous that enforce you to admire Iranian art.

So if you are going to visit Fath-Abad Garden and have more time to explore Kerman, here are the nearby attractions; Ganj-Ali khan Bazar, Ganj-Ali khan Bath, Ganj-Ali khan Caravanserai which are nearly 21 kilometers away. And also Vakil Bazaar which is about 22 kilometers away are some good places to visit.