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How Kashan attracts the travelers

Kashan with more than 7000 years old history is one of the oldest cities in Iran and the most important of Iran's tourist destinations annually hosts thousands of tourists from all over the world. This deserty beautiful city is the gate of Iran's desert. It offers the most beautiful Iranian historical houses and artistic works like color-glazed tiles to its visitors. All travelers have considered Kashan as one of the best cities on their trip.

But why Kashan

Different cities around the world have different attractions for tourists to attract them. Also, Kashan, like many prestigious historical cities in the world, with a deep ancient history - magnificent and beautiful historical monuments, as well as various historical and artistic remarkable ceremonies, attract tourists.


Kashan is one of the oldest cities in Iran. It has proved and registered itself as one of the oldest historical cities of Iran with Sialk Hills(7000 years old). Although Kashan has never been the capital of Iran, due to industrial development and expansion have always been the focus of kings. The best historical period of Kashan is the Safavid period.

A collection of historical monuments like

-Sialk Hills with 7,000 years old.
- Sassanid fire temple with 2000 years old.
- Jalali Castle, 1000 years old.
- The Grand Jame Mosque and dozens of other historical monuments that have been kept in the history of Kashan will encourage you to visit this historic city.

2-Historical Monuments

Although, the number of monuments in Kashan is not as much as the Isfahan and Shiraz. But the antiquity, beauty, and importance of these historical monuments are great tourism opportunities for Kashan. The first examples of urbanization with more than 7,000 years of history, the most beautiful traditional houses of Iran, Luxurious and unique mosques, Sassanid fire temple - different religious buildings and holy shrines, various religious, ritual, and natural ceremonies, and the tomb of the most famous Safavid king (Great Shah Abbas) are the best samples of them.

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3- Gardens and rose flowers fields

Although Kashan is located in the vicinity of the desert region and many parts of it are surrounded by desert and are known as the gate of the desert. But the special geographical location and the tall mountains have created the most beautiful flower gardens. Feen Garden is the most important historical monument of Kashan that had focused on by many kings. Also, villages around Kashan, such as Ghamsar, Niasar, and Barzuk with cold mountainous climates, are the most important centers for growing flowers and preparing rosewater, as well as various herbal medicines.

4- Art

Kashan enjoyed great development during the Seljuk period, especially during the reign of Malek Shah. The city was at the height of its handicraft, development of arts and crafts, especially tile making, which since then has made Kashan famous worldwide and even explained his Persian name - Kashi. The most important handicrafts of this period are carpet weaving and velvet weaving and the manufacture of glazed pottery. It was also a time of great architectural achievements like the Jalali Fortress, which included fortification walls, towers, and many ancillary structures, a dam near Qohrud, which has survived until modern times, the congregation mosque, and the original building of the mausoleum of Sultan Ali ibn Mohammad in Mashhad-e Ardehal.

5-Kashan's Nature

Kashan is one of the most privileged areas of Iran's natural tourism potential. This city attracts tourists with special tourism features, which can offer during the four seasons of the year. The mountaineers and hiking lovers can see the best natural screen of Kashan's mountain (Karkas peak 4000 M) in spring and summer. Also, the rose flower fields of the Kashan and around such as Qamsar and Niasar provide the best nature & herbal tours. Autumn and winter are the best seasons for desert tours. Kashan's Maranjab desert is the best to enjoy its beauty. Finally the unique nature of Kashan, by creating different waterfalls - deep and beautiful caves and underground historical cities show another part of its beauty.

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6- Religion

Different religions have had a special position in Isfahan province since ancient times. Historical evidence and remnants of past periods testify that different religions have lived together peacefully. The Sassanid fire temple in Niasar, Kashan (30 km), as well as the presence of the Jewish community in recent years alongside the Shiites, represent a kind of life with respect for different religions.

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7- Culture

Kashan has artistic, active, intelligent, and creative people. A city with authentic monuments and architecture, which is known to the tourists of the world. The people of Kashan have a rich, old and deep culture that they are proud of it. The specific cultural characteristics of Kashan people can be identified in the following ways:  Clothing - Language - Customs - native customs - Religious-Cultural and historical events, and Music. Kashan people continue to adhere to their rituals and customs despite the expansions of urban life and the threat of extinction.

8- Cuisine and souvenir

To recognize a country must eat it.
Kashan has a wide variety of foods and souvenirs of travelers' favorites. The most important food of Kashan is Ab Goosht or a kind of stew. The most important souvenirs of Kashan are Baghlava, Haji Badam, cookies, Cotton candy, Qotab, Rosewater, and herbal distillate.

9-Final reasons to travel to Kashan

- Feen Garden, is one of the most famous and historical Iranian gardens and is listed at Unesco.
- The Sialk hill (Tepe Sialk)ancient site, is the first civilization of Iran from 7500 years ago.
- Various souvenirs of Kashan like different cookies, Baghlava, carpet, Rosewater, and herbal essence.
- The most beautiful houses of Iran like Tabatabai, Brojerdi, and Abbassian houses (Some of the changed into Boutique hotels).
- The Underground City of Nooshabad (oyi), 1500 years old, and Maranjab desert.