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Staying at these Boutique Hotels will astonish you

Staying at these Boutique Hotels will astonish you
5 Top-Notch Boutique Hotels in Iran
Iran with a collection of the most beautiful traditional houses that have been transformed into luxury 5-star hotels by preserving the originality and Iranian architecture dazzles the eyes of every viewer and invites her to an unforgettable stay. Iran with over 10.000 years old history in human habitants has a large number of eye-catching spectacular mansions and buildings. Some of these buildings have been handed over to private owners to preserve the architecture and development of the tourism industry for use as a hotel / Guesthouses and restaurants.

Top Wonderful Hotels of Iran

Top Wonderful Hotels of Iran
There are various interesting hotels all over the world that are interesting to travelers and tourists. These different specifications are:
Old hotels, very luxurious hotels, unique hotels, green hotels, and more.  Iran due to its various historical and natural characteristics has some special types of hotels.

Moshir al-Mamalek a top Garden Hotel

Moshir al Mamalek, The first Iran Garden Hotel
This historical garden, which is the first Iran garden hotel with its traditional architecture, shows the architectural style of Iranian gardens in the desert city of Yazd. Moshir al Mamalek hotel is Set in a charming Qajar-style Persian landscape garden with water fountain systems and trees. This garden with different natural specifications like small streams all over the garden, different tall trees, and natural Qanat, also traditional architectural's features like an old monument with original decoration attract all passengers.

The tourists experience is a new style of life in the Ecotourism

The Iran Eco-tourism resort, Experience a different residence
Ecotourism is one of the new models in tourism industry, which has attracted the attention of many tourists and tourism industry managers. This style of tourism, which is also known as sustainable tourism, means returning to nature and using more natural elements in tourism and travel. In such trips, you will travel to rural and local areas with minimal damage and negative impact on the environment.

A desert carevanserai located at Yazd city

A journey to the heart of the desert, One night at an antique Caravanserai called Zein o Din Caravanserai
Desert, heat, stars in the night sky, and tired travelers, are all the reasons for creating a masterpiece of architecture by the architects of the Safavid era. During the reign of Shah Abbas, the construction of public buildings expanded, Such buildings include bridges, bathrooms, schools, water storage, and especially caravanserai. The old Caravansaries have the role of today's hotels in the last 500 years. These places are built at distinct distances from cities.