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Iran Nomad Tours

If you are going to travel to Iran and want to visit one of the best folk, traditional, and natural features of Iran, the nomads are calling you. Do migration(Kouch) journey with nomads and their flocks. A new tour program and lifestyle that you have never experienced yet. Staying in traditional nomadic tents(made from Goat wool), traditional and organic food, and local and folk music under a bright celestial that is illuminated with millions of stars is a part of your unique experience. You wake up with the first glints of the sun and take part in daily life and activities. Rely on nature and shut down from the materialistic world and experience a new lifestyle. Enjoy organic local fresh food with epic views of nature.

Travel along with nomads in different parts of Iran and visit the privileged UNESCO World Heritage sites and step into the most ancient area of Zagros and Alborz land to Immerse yourself in the authentic lifestyle of Bakhtiari Nomads.

What you experience
-Tick off the essence of Iran World Heritage Sites.
-Meet actual nomadic tribes as they do their seasonal migration and feel life on the move.
-Trek the ancient nomadic trails across Zagros and Alborz mountain ranges with Iranian nomads.
-Encourage nomads in their traditional lifestyle.
-Explore the intact forests and Plains.
-Visit alluring mountain villages and offbeat sights

Trek the famous mountain ranges in the wilds of the Nomads hinterlands on this hiking and camping adventure. Move with the nomads, immerse yourself in pure nature, release yourself from modern life, enjoy the beautiful sunset and experience an unforgettable stay.

Travel with us to the heart of the Zagros Mountains and experience the unique lifestyle of the Qashqai, Lore, and Bakhtiari peoples; walk their paths, eat their food and discover their life in our nomadic circuits ".
Behind Iran's most magnificent mountains live families and tribes with unique lifestyles; Iranian nomads are disappearing every day. In our nomadic tours, you will discover their way of life firsthand. Milking the cows, cooking with the nomads, and sleeping under the stars in their famous tents at the back are some of the activities you can do with them. Qashqai and Bakhtiari are the most important Iranian tribes that still live their lives on the road. As you step into their lives, you'll get a glimpse of how these people weave their way through the mountains from day to day, how they create beautiful arts and crafts, and how proudly they call themselves “nomads”.

Nomadic tours in Iran offer you the opportunity to experience life with these kindhearted people and get acquainted with their way of life. If you want to travel to Iran for nomadic tours in Iran, you can choose your season of Persian nomadic tours according to your interests; Nomads move to Yeylagh (cooler countryside) in summer and return to Gheshlagh (warmer areas) in winter.

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