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Bakhtiari female hair tie one of the symboles of bakhtiary woman

Bakhtiari female hair tie

One of the most important indicators for recognizing the culture and civilization of each country is its garments. Clothes have different functions in the daily life of people, body cover, protecting the body from cold and heat, and others. The clothes and clothing in every nation are as a flag and symbol of the vitality of that nation. It is also one of the indicators for better identifying the individual and social values of the people. One of the best examples of society's cultural life is clothing and the type of dressing of that society. The Bakhtiari people are the holder of  Ilam ancient civilization, Iranian & Islamic hijab, and the historical territory of this vast land from the past up to now.

Qashqai Nomads, The Heroes of the Fars ancient plain

Bakhtiari women's clothing, in contrast to men's clothing, had been had the lowest change during the time. One of the most important features of Bakhtiari women is their hair-dressing type. In this model, women make up their hair and hang it on both sides of their heads.
This culture is for various reasons:
According to Bakhtiari's old women, it's a sign that they tie their life to their husbands' life. Also has a long tradition like Zoroastrian women. The value and validity of hair among the Bakhtiari women are so high that its form can show many different Personal circumstances. As women dress their hair at weddings, also they have a special culture for hairdressing in the mourning ceremony.
The Bakhtiari women in the great men mourning ceremony or in the martyrs of the youth disturb their hair and, in large mourning ceremony they cut it off.
Cutting the hair is sometimes a sign of grief. The tool for hair shear are scissors and cutlery, and selecting one of these tools, show the level of interest and attachment to the deceased person. Cutting the hair as a sign of grief is also common in other parts of Iran.
In Bakhtiari culture, Gisso (Hair) is a sign of the dignity and adornment of a woman.

Bakhtiaries woman