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Solo Traveler

Are solo women travelers safe in Iran?
I am going to visit Iran? you are crazy.
This is the most common answer. A trip planning to Iran will always have negative reactions from friends and family. This is a logical reaction for those who have never been to Iran. They have not seen nor heard that you will travel to a land where people are very kind and endlessly hospitable. But all those who have traveled to Iran are unanimous" Iran is a magic country that will fascinate you".

Iran is a very safe place to travel, so much so that many travelers describe this as ‘safest country’ or ‘much safer than traveling in most countries. So you will not see anything else except greetings and welcoming. Generally, Iran is one of the most dreamy countries that you will travel there. Traveling in Iran as a (single) woman not only is not hard but also it's very easy. You can take your Iranian tourist visa, take your taxi (especially woman drivers), or do your hotel booking and feel free, etc. But you should consider that you are traveling to an Islamic country and have to follow some religious beliefs as a woman. Otherwise, you will not have any problems in Iran.