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Yazd in the Travelogue

Yazd in theTravelogue

Yazd is the most famous city of Kavir, a city with hospitable people who understand the situation of passengers in the hot desert very well. With its winding alleys, a huge amount of badgirs or windcatchers, adobe houses, and charming places to stay, Yazd is a 'don't miss it' destination. On a flat plain surrounded by mountains, the city is wedged between the north of Dasht-e Kavir and the south of Dasht-e Lut, and is every inch a desert city.

Architectural  and Natural Attractions of Yazd

Architectural  and Natural Attractions of Yazd
Yazd is one of the most attractive and beautiful desert cities in Iran. A collection of the most beautiful and dazzling effects of architecture - history - culture and art - and nature has made this city the most attractive desert city in Iran. As you walk through the narrow alleys of the city, the long shadows of the clay walls intoxicate you with the scent of spring flowers.

Yazd in briefly

Yazd in brief
Yazd is one of the vastest desert land cities in Iran and is mainly known as the driest city in the country. This legendary city is located in the center of the Iranian plateau at an altitude of 1200 m above sea level and is famous as the bride of the desert. Hot days at most of the year with drylands and proximity to the central desert of Iran - low rainfall and severe evaporation, as well as huge daily fluctuations in temperature have created difficult living conditions for the residents of this region.