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Emarate vakil

If you are going to search for a newly established restaurant(2018) in Yazd with different styles, designs, and a wide range of Iranian and traditional Persian food, this is it. Emarat Vakil is opened to show a new face of Iranian restaurants with new techniques of restaurant hosting. The beautiful decoration, the buffet restaurant, hearty Persian food, high-quality materials, and expert and well-trained staff are the unique features of this restaurant that attract not only the locals but also the tourist from all over the world.

Emarate vakil Yazd

Emarat Vakil Restaurant which is actually a collection of restaurants hosts customers in different restaurants such as Saz and Sam restaurants as Iranian restaurants and other international restaurants serving Italian, Arabic, Mediterranean cuisine. Emarat Vakil Restaurant is located at the opposite of Caesar Italian Restaurant. Exactly, it is the new branch of Caesar Italian Restaurant and both of them are managed by Mr. Vakil, with the difference that Caesar Restaurant is more European style serving international cuisines only. To have a delicious meal in a modern restaurant in Yazd, Emarat Vakil Restaurant can be at the top of your list.