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Bam Restaurant

Baam Restaurant
Bam Yazd Restaurant Cafe is located on Masjed Jame Street and serves guests on two floors. Sitting in this cafe-restaurant is more enjoyable at night than ever before. Because of the windows open to a   beautiful view of the windbreaks and the illuminated night of Yazd.

Old Cafe

Old Cafe
If you are interested in trying European food - fast food or a variety of vegetarian food in a traditional environment in Yazd, this would be your best choice. You can enjoy both the different types of food in the restaurant and one of the beverages in this traditional restaurant and enjoy the conversation with your friends. We welcome you as a part of our family. Try just once our best rooftop 360• view in the old town of Yazd while you are drinking your herbal tea.

Mozafar Traditional Restaurant
If you want to enjoy eating in an old house hotel, this restaurant can be one of your best choices in Yazd. An old house with a collection of original Iranian architectural elements. It can double the pleasure of delicious Iranian food for you. Mozaffar Traditional Hotel and Restaurant in the heart of the old city of Yazd with fully skilled staff offers various traditional dishes and traditional Persian beverages.

Hamame Kan Restaurant

Hamame Kan Restaurant
Have you ever eaten your dish in the bath? Would you like to have this awesome experience, then this restaurant is calling you. An old historical bath located in the Bazaar of Yazd that is renovated and changed into a restaurant will invite you to hearty Persian dishes and its mesmerizing beauties. This former bazaar hammam has been converted into a tea house restaurant, where the qalyan (Hookah) is smoked on the sides of the sink.

Narosib Restaurant

Nar o sib Restaurant
A 30-year experience in a new and beautiful collection. If you are looking for a new, beautiful, and modern restaurant complex, Olive Restaurant from Nar o sib complex can be your best choice. The restaurant and halls of Narosib, alongside the pomegranate orchards of Yazd, have prepared a beautiful and different environment for Iranian food lovers.