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Top 10 of the best Tehran nightlife

Tehran like all mega-cities all around the world is busy and 24hours. It is true (at least legally) that Tehran has no disco and no alcoholic drinks. However, nightlife does not depend on these items only, and there are other ways to have a joyful night. Nightlife is an important item in all journeys.

Here we are going to introduce different types of nightlife in Tehran in this article.

Chitgar Lake west of Tehran

Chitgar Lake

One of the new tourist areas in Tehran is Chitgar Lake, which is located northwest of Tehran. This artificial lake is one of the most beautiful centers for night entertainment in Tehran. Facilities around the lake include: boating on the lake, cycling around the lake, sandy beach hiking, go-karting, skating, and zip line.
Around the lake, there are various cafes and restaurants for Iranian and international cuisine.

Laleh Park Tehran

Laleh Park

one of 1000 parks in Tehran with great location and easy and fast access. It is close to the most famous Sq in Tehran" Vali e asr Sq" and a group of 5 & 4-star hotels like Espinas, Grand Hotel and etc. A 35 hectares garden with tall and old trees, different pathways for walking, and shade for picnics that caused it be a favorite place for youth and families. It is located at the junction of North Kargar Street and Keshavarz Boulevard. You can reach there easily by subway, and taxi stations from different parts of the city. Carpet Museum, and Contemporary Art Museum, are located at the end of it.

Taleghani Park Tehran

Taleghani Park

If you are eager in talking to Iranian youth and families and want to get to know them better, especially if you have gone to the park for photography this park will be one of your best choices. This large forest park in the north of Tehran is connected to the "water and fire park" by one of the most famous beautiful bridges in Tehran. These two parks with a collection of tourist and recreational elements and various restaurants have created one of the most attractive places for night entertainment. The best way to reach Taleghani Park is to use the subway. All you have to do is get off the train at Shahid Haqqani metro station on Tehran Metro Line 1 and walk five minutes to Taleghani Park.

Why Taleghani Park?

It is one of the greenest urban parks in Tehran.
There are great amenities for family and friends' picnics.
It has very good access routes.
Near the Water and Fire Park is the Nature Bridge. You can cross the Nature bridge between water and fire parks and Taleghani.
One of the most popular parks in Tehran for light and heavy walks is outdoor sports and other sports activities such as basketball and volleyball.

Darband Area in north of Tehran

Darband Area

The most famous and first choice of recreational tourism in Tehran. if you are going to search for a great recreational place, Darband is all that. A mountainous area with different waterfalls, old tall trees, mountainous paths walks for nature walkers and different local restaurants with mouthwatering dishes and snacks. A great place for full-day hedonism with eating, drinking, watching, sleeping, and enjoying the ultimate pleasure. If you are interested in walking, the mountain range is calling you, also, the sound of the Darband River will also make relax you. Admirers of refreshments and food have extremely different options, different kinds of grills with Iranian rice, brilliant Iranian sweets, and different beverages like tea, espresso, Nescafe, coffee, or different beverages. Nearby beautiful stores, different tidbits, an assortment of cafés, conventional tea houses, and the majority of individuals who are going through this way will go with you. Here is no chance back, and you will be interested in marvelous perspectives. This particular tourism area is one of the first choices of tourists and travelers both domestic and foreign.

Milad Tower

Milad Tower

Although Iran has a long 1000 years old in making tall towers and Minarets, this new(Feb 20, 2009) super-tall structure & multi-purpose tower is a symbol of the efficiency of new technology. This new multipurpose building 435 meters long is proudly standing north of Tehran and invites you to visit Tehran from above. Milad tower the 6th tallest tower in the world and the tallest one in Tehran provides not only a picturesque view of the city but also some business activities and entertainment events.

Street Foods in 30 Tir Street Tehran

Street Foods

If you are looking for an all-stuff street for the best street foods or gastronomy tour 30 Tir street, is the very thing that you are searching for. You can find the best Persian cuisine here instead of Delux or expensive restaurants, also have many many more options to try besides talking to people. The Persian gastronomy tour is an exciting and cheap way to understand the Iranian culture and find hospitality which is their brand.

Street Foods in Bab Homayoon Street Tehran

Bab-Homayoun Street

If you're going to stroll down one of the trendy fashion streets and invite yourself to a drink or a nightlife party, this is it. An old street connected to the best historical places of Tehran like Golestan Royal Complex Palaces and the old traditional Bazaar of Tehran.

Tabiat Bridge in Tehran

Tabiat Bridge

Experience an enjoyable walk on Tabiat Bridge!
A new and modern 270-meter three-story steel bridge connects Taleghani Park and Abo-Atash Park together. This great beautiful bridge spans over one of the main highways in northern Tehran. The 270m long walkway with different restaurants over the  Modarres Expressway is a fun space to relax, in good weather, it provides superb views of the north Tehran skyline against the Alborz Mountains. Different food courts and coffee shops, as well as plenty of places to sit and socialize, make it a highly popular place to hang out in the evenings.

Bamland Tehran


Bamland is the name of a commercial-entertainment complex created near Chitgarh Lake and has gained many fans in a short time. A modern and stylish center, with various shopping and entertainment centers where you can spend hours. But shopping is not the only attraction of this commercial complex; A variety of cafes and restaurants - and water sports - are some of the other attractions in the area.