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Free recreational places in Tehran

Tehran, the capital of Iran, is one of the most beautiful and modern cities laid on the slopes of the snow-capped Alborz Mountains. Spend your time here - as you should - and you will soon notice that the city is much more than a chaotic mix of concrete and crazy traffic. The city has a wide variety of modern and old monuments.
By walking around the city, you will find the most beautiful things in museums - palaces - galleries or on the streets of Tehran while you are walking. The city can be roughly divided into two parts; North and South. Tehran's more modern and chic lifestyle is found in the northern part of the city of Tehran with high-class of shops, buildings, fashion-style, and very high-prices cars; however, in the south, the middle-class lives; a cheaper lifestyle with a deep public history available at the palaces, Bazars, museums and old areas of Tehran.
If you want to relax and unwind, there are many serene gardens to choose from. If you fancy a cup of coffee or cappuccino, you can choose from many coffees with all kinds of tastes to satisfy; modern or traditional, old or new, comfortable or classic, etc. You can go rock climbing or even ski in the cold times of the year just in the city. Just ask Tehran what you need; Tehran (Tehran Tourism) will give it to you instantly. You just need to know where to look.
Visit these Tehran resorts:

Tabiat Bridge
- If you are an advocate of successful women.
- If you want to watch Tehran, more beautiful.
- If you want a special selfie photo of yourself.
And if you want to walk in the lushest region of Tehran.
The Tabiat Bridge is calling you.
This tall and long, a 270-meter modern bridge connects two important parks of Tehran and passes over an important highway named, Modarress. Designed by an Iranian professional woman architecture that has won numerous international awards.

Darband area: The nature friends' first choice
Beautiful Nature, Long and old trees, high mountains, fresh air, Colorful restaurants with fresh tea and foods, river stream, all come with fresh oxygen that makes you intoxicated. You can spend your day in Darband, enjoy the nice and pleasant weather and sound of the river below you. You have a variety of choices to eat and drink, this area is famous for its sour junk food and snack which is called in Persian: (Lavaashak) next to which you can have different types of broth like (baaghaalia or coked Vicia faba, aash doogh, labo), they are recommended if you visit this area, you also have the option of cycling or climbing, classified as sports activities in this locality. Sit outdoors, between mountains and trees, in the shades or the sun, on wonderful carpets and have breakfast, lunch or dinner or simply tea.

Persian Gulf lake
The Persian Gulf lake offers a new social and recreational area for residents of Tehran, as well as international visitors.
The Tehran artificial lake complex covers an area of 257 hectares, including a port area of 125 hectares. After its construction, this complex became a popular recreational area of regional and international importance. The western area of the lake has already been inaugurated, attracting around 30,000 visitors each week.

Tochal complex
If you are looking for a nice hiking experience mouth, a great skiing day, fresh air, unique view of Tehran, different groups of age and sex, different food and snacks and also a unique experience of Tehran tour, the Tochal complex is the best. It's great for a day of hiking. There are 4 ways to reach the mountain. On average, you have 12 km to reach the mountain. You have a wonderful view, especially on Mount Damavand. You also have the gondola (telekabin, cablecar) to reach the mountain and back.

Darake beautiful mountain scenery
A great place for mountain climbing for both beginners and professionals. If you are a beginner you can enjoy a low slope mountain and beautiful green scenery with many nice restaurants and cafes to stop and have a rest. It is so crowded on weekends so I recommend going Saturday to Wednesday.

Tehran Bird Park
Tehran's Bird Park is one of the newest attractions in the Tehran city, located in the east of Tehran. The Tehran Birds Garden is a park with different bird species and beautiful and memorable nature.
Tehran's Birds Garden is located in the eastern part of Tehran, among the forests of Lavizan. The area of this garden is about 20 thousand hectares and consists of 250 species of birds. This park has two sections: The first part is for birds that cannot fly or are in large cages. The second part is for birds that can fly. Only Predator birds and parrot birds are kept in the cages. In the Tehran Birds Garden, you can walk alongside the birds and enjoy the beauty of these incredible creatures.