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Top things to do in Tabriz

If you have selected Tabriz as a destination in the west of Iran, you are in right place. This city with a bunch of different attractions not only attracts you but also satisfies all the strict travelers too. This city has many various reputations that show the important capabilities of this city in the field of tourism. some of these are:

12 Amazing Reasons to travel to Tabriz

Tabriz the city of firsts

-The city of firsts: some of the first things in Iran arrived or were used in Tabriz like the first publication house, the first public cinema, the first school of primary education, the first municipality, the first firefighting, etc.

The city of carpet: This city with super high-quality handwoven carpets is one of the most famous cities in Iran.

The city of Gastronomy: Tabriz is the City of Culinary Delights. Tabriz with its different dishes and secret recipes has a lot to say when it comes to the food industry.

The city of sweets: The delicious sweets of Tabriz cannot be overlooked. This city will satisfy your palate with a collection of the most delicious sweets and candies such as Ris, Qorabieh, and Nogha.

Tabriz, Tourism City: Tabriz with 2,500 years of history and different monuments was named by the Organization of Islamic Conference as the « city of the Islamic world tourism » for 2018.

Tabriz, Confectionery capital of Iran

Tabriz city of chocolate: Tabriz with over 100 chocolate factories is the most famous and important city in Iran.

Tabriz an open space museum: Tabriz with various and different museums and monuments is the best historical city in the west of Iran.

The top things to do in Tabriz are:

Tabriz Blue Mosque

Tabriz Historical monuments:

Tabriz, with more than 3500 years old history has a brilliant background in Iran's history. It has been the capital of Iran for different periods and various rulers have founded excellent monuments. Unfortunately, most of Tabriz's historic monuments have been destroyed over time by natural disasters, Human disasters, Multiple occupations, and lack of proper attention but what remains are unrivaled masterpieces of architecture. While you are in Tabriz never miss visiting Tabriz bazaar the biggest one in Iran, Jame mosque and the blue mosque the Turquoise of Islam, Ali Shah Tower, Rab e Rashidi, and other masterpieces monuments which can surprise you.

How to visit Tabriz in one day

As its name reveals, this Iranian dish comes from Tabriz, capital East Azerbaijan,

Tabriz Food:

Tabriz foods can present a deep part of this city's history. Foods with common historical roots with neighboring countries or signs of foreign domination have found a special position in the culinary culture of Tabriz people over the years. Surely you will fall in love with Tabriz's cuisine with delicious dishes and they would have a long effect on your mind and eating a delicious local meal can create a sweet memory for you. Some of these foods with the Tabrizi suffix (Tabrizi meatball)show their originality and uniqueness. So, when you are in this beautiful and delicious city, never ignore delicious local food.

Tabriz, Confectionery capital of Iran

Tabriz Sweets:

Tabriz with over 100 Candy & sweet factories is known as " Iran's candy capital ". A unique taste, mixed with the best high-quality Iranian nuts and special spices. Surely, a delicious slice of Tabriz sweets with the smell of Iranian cardamom and rose water will enchant every tourist.

Traditional Iranian sweets

Tabriz Carpet Bazaar

Tabriz Bazaar: One of the most amazing parts of the Iran journey is walking through Iran’s Historic Bazaars, especially the original Bazaars with eye-catching architectural views. Here you can not only watch and discover masterpieces of architectural monuments like mosques, schools, Takieh(prayer rooms), water stores, or other ones but also some social elements can surprise you well.
Tabriz Bazaar is one of the biggest roofed bazaars in Iran. These great twisted labyrinths with colorful shops, wafts of spices, and handwoven carpet shops, are decorated with the best masterpieces tilework, and brickworks. This complex with different commercial, religious, cultural, health, sports, hygienic, and residential functions is a masterpiece of Iranian architecture remaining from the 14 and 15th centuries.  Tabriz Roofed Bazaar consists of 5,500 cells, 20 rows, 25 Timchehs, and 35 houses, schools, baths, mosques, and caravanserais.

Tabriz Literature: If you are interested in Iranian literature, Tabriz is one of the best destinations. This city like Shiraz (nicknamed for poets and poetry) had famous poets such as Shahryar, Parveen Etsami, Khaghani, etc. The most important shrine dedicated to Tabriz is the Shoara Tomb (Poets Mausoleum), which is the burial place of more than 400 poets and philosophers.

Visit Around Tabriz and Candovan Village

Visit Around Tabriz: The city of Tabriz is the gem of East Azerbaijan tourism. There are various historical monuments and natural features around it that satisfy all tourists. They are scattered in different cities like Maraghe, Khoy, Marand, Julfa, and Makou. You can arrange daily city tours to visit these unique historical sites and monuments.

Tabriz nature

Tabriz nature: If you are a nature traveler and you are eager to visit the natural beauties of Azerbaijan province and Tabriz city, you have made the best choice. This province with a collection of the most beautiful natural features including green plains, rivers, mountain ranges, high peaks, silent and active volcanoes, as well as the most famous rocky village(Candovan Village) in the world will easily charm you with its beauty. Tabriz due to its geographical conditions, even on the hottest days of the year has a cooler climate than other cities. Thus this is one of the best destinations for nature lovers.

Hospitable People: If you are going to experience the taste of authentic Iranian and Eastern hospitality, the people of Tabriz will sincerely present it to you. The hospitable people of Iran, especially the people of Tabriz, have always created the best memories for travelers. Do chat with people in the Bazaar, park, and public places and enjoy talking to them.