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8 Best Sweets of Tabriz

A sweet journey to Tabriz, Iran's capital of candy
The souvenir is a gift from travel to the cities, and donating the souvenir to friends is an old and common Iranian traditional custom. Also, Getting familiar with the souvenirs of a region is a motivation that encourages you to visit these places. Tabriz city and Azerbaijan province are one of the most famous tourist destinations in the west of Iran which are well known for various colorful foods and sweets. Azerbaijan is well known for its various kind of sweets which is healthy and tonic with delicious and memorable taste and is not for nothing called the capital of Iran's Candy.

Here is a list of the best Tabriz Candies and sweets.

1- Qurabiya

If you are searching for the most delicious, expensive, and best Tabriz sweets without a doubt the “Qorabiyeh” is at the top of the list. This delicious traditional cookie is made of sugar, vanilla, eggs, and flour, finally is decorated with different fresh local nuts. You can find it in Qazvin City (the second Safavid capital). It is the most popular high price food souvenir in Tabriz.

2- Baklava

A very sweet dessert common among Middle Eastern countries but with different recipes. Maybe you have tried Turkis, Lebanese or Syrian baklava, but Tabriz baklava is undoubtedly the best one. A mix of pure Iranian saffron, balanced sweetness, and impregnated with the world's best pistachios.

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Tabriz, Confectionery capital of Iran

3- Nougat

An original sweet from the Middle East and Southern Europe that has also become popular in Iran. This delicious sweet has a deep role in Tabriz culture especially Haft sin table(Nowrooz), the celebration and joy of the people of Tabriz. Although it is made in some countries such as Italy, Spain, and France, Tabrizi Nogha sweets are found in different flavors such as vanilla, cocoa, and nuts, in which there are various nuts such as walnut kernels, hazelnut kernels, and almond kernels.

Tabriz, Confectionery capital of Iran


Eris or Riss is one of the most famous and original Tabriz sweets made of pistachios, vanilla, sugar, milk, cocoa, animal oil, or butter. This is the favorite of most tourists as a gift from Tabriz City. Eris includes a variety of cocoa, milky, crispy, and rosary eris.

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5- Latifeh

You can't be a sweet lover and not taste the Latifah sweet. A sweet that is too soft and delicate like its name (Latif in Persian means very soft) and of course very delicious. The professional confectioners of Tabriz make a dough using flour, cornstarch, sugar, and eggs, and then bake it in the form of small round sweets in the oven. Finally, the fresh and delicious cream among these sweets makes it more delicious.

6- Basluq

An Iranian pastry with a soft texture and sweet taste and coconut taste that is loved by many tourists. You can find different types of basluq in  Tabriz. The famous Basluq of Tabrizi are prepared using starch, rose water, and sugar and is decorated with walnut kernels.

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7- Qatab

It is one of the famous sweets in Iran, which has different recipes in different cities. This delicious sweet is produced not only in Tabriz but also in the cities of Yazd, Kerman, Kashan, and Qazvin, which have different recipes and shapes. This special Persian pastry consists of two layers and is filled with different and very delicious nuts.

8- Resht e Khatai

Resht e Khatai is another famous sweet of Tabriz and it is very similar to Kadaif Dessert - Turkish which is made with cheese. This delicious sweet is prepared from a combination of dry Khatai noodles, and aromatic spices such as cardamom, cinnamon, ginger, walnuts, pistachios, and rose water syrup. Walnut or pistachio nuts are added with aromatic spices to the noodles placed in a wide dish and baked in the oven.