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Ali Shah Tower, The Acropolis of Tabriz

Undoubtedly, one of the most famous tourist sites, and a wonderful symbol of resistance and durability during history in Tabriz city is Tabriz Arg or Ali Shah Arg. Although only a wall remains of this huge building, it clearly shows the greatness and skill of its builders and presents itself as one of the main Tabriz historical sites. This historical monument has experienced various functions throughout its history. A Mosque, mausoleums, munition factory, and shelters for constitutionalists have been among the various functions of this historical building during the past centuries.

Ali Shah Tower, The Acropolis of Tabriz

This magnificent building is located in downtown Tabriz city and is just 650 meters from the municipality monument or Saat square (clock tower ). This masterpiece architectural monument was bigger than the famous historic vault of Khosrows/Kisra or the Taq Kisra at Ctesiphon/Mada'in and was a complete complex of mosques, adjoining prayer halls, and libraries, a vast courtyard containing a huge reflecting pool and a mausoleum.
This huge and lofty building with an arched vault 57 meters in height was the largest building built by humankind. The dome of this building was bigger than the Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore Dome in Italy (the first largest dome in the world) and Soltanieh Dome in Zanjan (the second largest dome in the world). The original construction was made between 1318 and 1339, during the Ilkhanate.

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Ali Shah Tower, The Acropolis of Tabriz

Historical injuries

This huge Ilkhani building (1318-1339) suffered a lot of damage during different periods due to earthquakes and governmental wars in Tabriz and many parts of it were destroyed.
- The earthquake of 1641 severely damaged this lofty building.
- The first Iran-Russia war (1813-1804) destroyed parts of this building.
- The second war between Iran and Russia (1828-1826) turned this building into a military complex.
-Shelling of Arg by Russian troops, 1911.
-Also, in later periods, this building was turned into a factory, which caused much damage.
-During the Pahlavi period, parts of the works of the Ilkhanid era were destroyed by mistake.