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Bakuye Restaurant Complex
A restaurant on the mountains northeast of Shiraz and one of the most unique food collections in Shiraz that attracts many domestic and foreign tourists.
This restaurant is a beautiful combination of culture and art on a natural rock in Shiraz, which shows you the historical context of the beautiful city of Shiraz and other places. This tourist complex has four restaurants with different names and different designs.

Each of these restaurants shows a part of the beauty - history, culture, and art of the people of Shiraz.
-Cave restaurant, with a very different and beautiful design, is located at the foot of the mountain
-Qashqai restaurant, which represents a genuine culture with a completely traditional and Qashqai food
-Alachiq Kaj Restaurant, which is located in the highest part of this complex and has a unique view
-Ashypezkhaneh Restaurant.
This restaurant is located near the Quran Gate of Shiraz, which is one of the historical monuments of Shiraz and tries to provide the best services with its experienced and trained staff.

Bakuye Restaurant Complex