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Kerman bazaar
Kerman Bazaar is the second biggest Bazzar of Iran after Tabriz Bazaar(Recorded at UNESCO). This Bazarr as the historic central core of Kerman city has expanded in two main East-West and North-South Axis. The main entrance portal of the East-West axis is located in Arg Square. The EastWest axis connects Arg Square to Moshtagh Square. In the initial design of this market, all the necessary public facilities such as mosques, baths, Caravanserais, Takieh(a religious public place), traditional schools, and water-reservoir have been designed and located.

This complex is still active and it is representing a well-defined public place in Kerman province. This valuable historical and architectural complex has different sections that dazzle the eyes of every viewer while passing through this market.
The different segments of this market are:

Bazaar complex
The mixed configuration of the bazaar in the Kerman old texture center with beautiful appearance remained from ancient times. Its architectural specifications surprised everyone. Kerman Bazaar is one of the most important bazaars in Iran that includes many valuable complexes such as Ganjalikhan, Ibrahimkhan, Vakil and etc…

Kerman bazaar throughout Arg bazaar square
This part of the bazaar is the western part of Kerman bazaar as a rectangular Surrounded Tohid park area, the square front sight about reconstructed with old architecture in recent years. The entry façade is in the eastern of this bazaar. This Series shops bazaar begins from Arg square and ended at Mirza Reza Kermani Street. Each Part of the Kerman bazaar has been built during one of the governor’s eras. This bazaar is the longest bazaar in Iran with a length of 1200 meters from east to west.

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North coppersmithing bazaar (Mesgary bazaar)
This bazaar is located in the north of Ganjalikhan square, in the east of Cheharsoogh, and in the west of the hat felting (Kolah mali)bazaar with 88 meters in length and 6 meters in width.

Arg Bazaar
The first east to west Kerman bazaar is Arg bazaar which begins from Arg square and ended at Ganjalikhan cross market place Cheharsoogh). This bazaar divided into two subparts with the name of timbale and saddlery bazaar. In the past, on the second floor of the timbale bazaar played timbale, it was famed for this reason.

West Coppersmithing Bazaar
In the south of this bazaar, is Ganjalikhan Cheharsoogh, and in the north coppersmithing Cheharsoogh with 43 lengths and 5.5 meters in width.

Ekhteyari Bazaar
The fourth part of the Kerman bazaar is the Ekhteyari bazaar which begins from Ganjalikhan's southern bazaar end prolongs to the beginning of the Vakil Bazaar. This bazaar includes a mosque, Chehelsetoon, Golshan Caravansary, three Sardari small bazaar, and Vakil bath (traditional coffee shop).

Mozaffari bazaar
Mozaffari bazaar begins from Vakil bazaar and ends at Mirza Reza Kermani Street, the old place of mosque entry belongs to Mozaffari complex, the phenomena of this bazaar part should be mentioned to mourning house platform (Tekieh Azakhaneh), Jame Mosque Ghadamga bazaar and Kerman grand mosque (Masjed-e Jame).

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Indian caravansary
Because the Indian merchants were selling spices, pepper, cardamom and etc…, in this caravansary, as well-known as Indian caravansary. In this caravansary, there is an Indian temple with a special architectural style.

Golshan house
Golshan house is located on the left of Ekhteyari bazaar and on the left of Ganjalikhan School, has two floors and rebuilt in 1370 by Kerman cultural heritage handicrafts and tourism organization and shop keepers supports basically.