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Why we should visit Kerman

Everyone who studies Kerman history correctly is just like someone who has studied all of the world's history, in fact, Kerman is the treasury of history, which has many historical monuments from different periods of time and each of them recounts the most interesting and exciting story. The Largest province of Iran (Kerman) has been the acceptor of many visible and audible, honorable and sufferable, happiness and sadness events over the times. Despite meeting many hardships from near and far times, but still is proud and honored, waiting for the time to find a suitable place. According to Kerman's natural and historical capabilities, it could be a place of different tourism.

Bam citadel Mahan Kerman

Kerman province

Kerman province with a 175069 km2 area is located in the southeast of Iran between 25,55' to 32,26' to 59,26' eastern longitude. This province is bounded to the north by Khorasan and Yazd provinces, to south, by Hormozgan province, to the east by Sistan, and Balochistan province to the west by Fars province. Kerman province now consists of 16 townships with the center of Kerman city.
You will amaze if you travel to Kerman. Please follow us to recognize Kerman.