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Blue Mosque the Turquoise of Islam

Blue Mosque the most beautiful mosque in Tabriz
Iranian impressive mosques are mixed with authentic Iranian and Islamic culture, are one of the best tourist destinations to discover Iranian-Islamic architecture. These mosques not only host deep and rich history but also their masterpiece architecture can amaze all visitors. Among all Iranian mosques, the Blue Mosque of Tabriz city with its unique specifications is one of the best.

Tabriz Museum, The second creditable Iran's museum

Tabriz Museum, the second creditable Iran museum
If you are going to visit the second richest museum in Iran, Tabriz or Azerbaijan museum with tons of historical and ancient objects is calling you. A great exhibit with various historical & ancient objects from different archaeological sites throughout the country and especially in Azerbaijan province to discover the full chronological span of its history.  These characteristics make the Tabriz museum one of the most important ones in Iran and a truly national one.

Tabriz Museums

Tabriz Museums
Tabriz is known as the city of the firsts and is considered one of the most attractive cities in northwestern Iran. This city with a long history and a variety of ancient and historical objects holds different museums to present various objects.

Tabriz bazaar the biggest world roofed Market

Tabriz Bazaar the biggest world roofed Market
Tabriz market is considered the most important and the largest old covered market in Iran and the world, which is located in Tabriz city in Iran. This market has an area of about one square kilometer. Tabriz bazaar was registered on the UNESCO world heritage list in August 2009.

How to visit Tabriz & Jolfa cities in two days

How to visit Tabriz & Jolfa cities in two days
Tabriz is the capital of East Azerbaijan and Julfa is the most beautiful border city of this province. The historical and natural features of these two important cities will surprise all tourists. A trip to this province will not be complete without visiting Jolfa. Jolfa city, 130 km from Tabriz, is one of the most beautiful border cities of Iran( Iran & Armenia ) with beautiful historical and natural features. Here you can visit the river border between Iran and Armenia, the most famous Christian Churches(Monastery of Saint Stepanos), Chopanan church, and some other historical monuments.