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Top 10 Isfahan's dishes
Iran Cuisine: An Artistic Combination of History, Culture, and Iranian art. One of the most important and fascinating parts of any trip is food. Iran has one of the most complete food menus in the world. Each city in Iran has its own specialty cuisine. These foods have a traditional, local, and geographical origin. Thus each region and city is known for one or some special foods. Isfahan, being one of Iran’s main tourist cities, not only boasts captivating historical landmarks but also entices every traveler with a delectable array of the finest and most mouthwatering Iranian cuisine.

Why Iranian Dishes: An Ideal Fusion of Healthy and Nutritious Ingredients
Iranian food contains the most perfect world's ingredients. Iranian stews, desserts, Kebabs, and soup recipes show that Iranian women have exact information about Iranian food ingredients and know how to combine them to produce the most nutritious effect and flavor. Cereals, vegetables, and herbal and animal proteins exist in all Iranian dishes. One of the privileges of Iranian cuisine is the high effort to cook the most famous Iranian delicious food. All cultures view food as a way to meet human physical needs and to bring enjoyment to people. However, the significance of Iranian cuisine (or cuisine from countries with warmer climates) lies in the diversity and palatability of their dishes.

Isfahanian Foods: Rooted in Deep History and Culture
Isfahan is one of the most fascinating cities in Iran, a city known as half of the world. You will be amazed by the spectacular attractions such as mosques, bridges, and historic gardens, which annually draw many tourists. However, Isfahan is renowned not only for its historical sites but also for its traditional and aromatic dishes, enhancing the enjoyment of your trip. Once you have immersed yourself in the historical, cultural, and artistic monuments of Isfahan and have been captivated by them, authentic Isfahanian traditional food will complement your Isfahan city tour.

Why Isfahanian Dishes
Isfahan has other things that will impress and charm you easily. Apart from ancient places from the Achaemenid era, Islamic monuments of 1400 years ago, historical palaces, Iranian gardens,  UNESCO World Heritage Sites, exquisite handicrafts, tempting silk carpets, traditional dishes with the best recipes, unforgettable taste, and artistic decoration will have a long-lasting impact on your mind.

This article presents a list of some local foods from Isfahan.
This list contains the Top 10 Isfahan dishes or different dishes like Ash(Persian soups), and other dishes and delicious traditional desserts of this city like Khoresht e Mast.

Local food from Isfahan
The time has come to introduce the famous dishes of this beautiful Iranian city.

Food Tourism Industry in Iran

Top 10 Isfahan's dishes are:

1. Biryan or Beryanee: The most delicate taste among the inhabitants of Isfahan

Beryan(Fried) is the name of the food, and Beryani is the name of the restaurants which offer it.

There is no doubt that this Beryoun is the best-known food that everyone knows. Biryani is like a hamburger that contains sheep's pluck, lamb, spices, onion, salt, cinnamon, pepper, and turmeric. In Isfahan, for the preparation of these foods, use a special frying pan of a particular size and shape, but everyone can also cook it in an ordinary pan. They usually use cinnamon, almonds, nuts, and sesame to make it. The Biryani is always served with Sangak bread and a dish of fresh vegetables. Of course, the chef usually serves a bowl of ab-gosht (meat soup) with pieces of floating bread. Different restaurants cook and offer this food. Such as Beryiuni Shad, Beryiuni Azam, Beryiuni Haj Shafa’at.

2. Kaleh Joosh: An Ideal Isfahanian Stew Dish for Vegetarian

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan on the lookout for a delicious dish, Kale Joosh with its simple and nutritious ingredients is an excellent choice. This traditional Isfahanian food is also available in other cities, each offering its own unique take on the recipe. The key ingredients of this tasty traditional Iranian dish include kashk (Kashk, Qurut, Chortan), walnuts, and mint, making Kale Joosh a satisfying and nutritious option for vegetarians. Typically, a watery dish, it is commonly served with hot bread such as Sangak or Barbari and accompanied by a variety of side dishes, including vegetables and pickles.

Kaleh Joosh

3. Halim Bademjan:The pleasant taste of one local food

When seeking a traditional, affordable, and nourishing dish with a long-lasting appeal, look no further than the famous Isfahanian delicacy known as Halim Bademjan (Bademjan= Eggplant, Aubergine). This delectable dish is a staple in Isfahan and boasts various regional interpretations across the country.

Halim Bademjan is a mouthwatering fusion of animal and plant-based ingredients, resulting in a delicious Iranian dish. It features tender meat, fried eggplant, garlic, hot mint, curd, fried onion, and aromatic saffron, creating a rich and satisfying meal. Enjoying this flavorful dish with freshly baked Iranian bread is an experience that will surely make you a devoted fan of Halim Bademjan.

Halim Bademjan

4. Gheymehrize Nokhodchi:A delicious traditional dish

Another food of Isfahan is the Gheymehrize Nokhodchi. To make this food, they use meat, chickpeas, fried onions, dried mint, and other species. Then, by kneading these and making small balls, they put them in the liquid containing the tomato paste and the fried onion to be completely torn. Gheymehrize is served with rice or bread.

Restaurants of Isfahan

5. Taskabab: A delicious combination of meat and vegetables

Tas Kebab is a traditional, original dish from Isfahan, ideal for both vegetarians and vegans. It combines a unique mix of plant-based and animal-derived ingredients, such as lamb ribs (for the non-vegetarian version), onions, carrots, potatoes, beans, oil, salt, and Persian saffron, resulting in an unforgettable Eastern taste. The vegetarian and vegan versions of this dish are particularly popular, especially when served with Iranian fresh and hot breads. While variations of this dish can be found throughout Iran, trying Tas Kebab in Isfahan alongside the city’s historical sites is a delightful culinary experience.


The closest restaurants to Naghsh e Jahan Sq

6. Ash-e-Shorba: Persian Soup

Ash-e-Shorba, a traditional Isfahanian dish, is a flavorful blend of meat, beans, peas, and an assortment of vegetables, all enhanced with local spices. This delectable soup is crafted using a harmonious mix of ground meat, onions, garlic powder, leafy green vegetables, carrots, half-grain rice, mung beans, and dried dill, creating a satisfying and rich flavor profile. A key feature of this dish is its use of natural and chemical-free ingredients.
Variations of this local delicacy can be found throughout Iran, each with its own distinct recipes. For those following a vegetarian or vegan diet, the no-meat versions of these soups are highly suitable. If you seek a delicious and nutritious dish, give this recipe a try – you’ll be hard-pressed to find a simpler yet more enjoyable meal.

7. Ash-e-Somagh (Sumac soup)

Ash sumac is one of the local cuisines of Isfahan province. The ingredients of this dish are meat, flour, rice, sumac, onions and all kinds of vegetables.

8. Khoresht Mast or Saffron yogurt: Special Taste Among the Traditional Foods

The Khoresht Mast is a delicious and traditional Isfahan dish, made with a combination of mutton, yogurt, salt, sugar, water, rose water, turmeric, pistachio, almond, and barberry. It is a popular local cuisine in Isfahan province, serves cold before or after the main course. Although it may look similar to Sholeh Zard, it has distinct differences and is a beloved Iranian traditional food.

Where you can eat Khorest Mast?
You can taste Khoresht e Mast in most Isfahan restaurants. But, if you are eager to try at the most famous restaurants, the Shahrzad Restaurant with a complex of the best Iranian foods is the best choice. Also, you can eat this food in Haj Behzad restaurant and Dada Restaurant.

9. Kachi

Kachi is one of the delicious Iranian desserts popular throughout the country. This food consists of flour, rose water, almonds, and pistachios.

Halim with meat and lentils
10. Isfahanian Halim: A Scrumptious and Nutritious Breakfast

Halim is a hot, healthy, and nutritious breakfast that is cooked all over Iran and comes with different recipes. It is a delicious breakfast, especially on cool winter mornings and is usually served with Iranian fresh, hot bread like Barbari and Sangak. Halim is cooked in all the cities of Iran and has a special role on the Iranian breakfast table. Isfahan has its own special version called Halim Shir. To make this Halim, cook wheat, water, salt, and special spices. When the wheat is well cooked, add milk and cook it until it reaches your desired concentration. This makes for a yummy breakfast option, especially for vegetarians.