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Iran's Fogy tiny green Paradises among dense forests

Can you walk among the clouds? certainly No?
Walking among the white dense clouds is an interesting experience that you can't get it easily. But there are places in Iran to donate this beautiful feeling to you. Magical heights with the sound of the wind, birds, 4.000.000 years old trees, mountains, and dense forests in front of your eyes can amaze you easily. Discover what pioneering naturalists have encountered over the years and join us on a unique adventure into the Mediterranean rainforest in the pristine heart of Iran's Caspian coasts.

4 top places for walking above the clouds

For real, these places deserve the name "Villages above the Clouds". Where you really see the clouds under your feet. An awe-inspiringly beautiful sunrise above cloud level is the best gift you would get here. In fact, these places deserve the name Villages Above the Clouds or "Fogy tiny green Paradises among dense forests". Where you really see the clouds below your feet. An impressively Beautiful Sunrise above clouds level is the best gift that you would have here.

Join us to visit the best villages in the green Mediterian mountains surrounded by deep fog and clouds.

Abr Village Semnan Province

- Abr Village Semnan Province

Abr Village means "the cloud" and is the name of a summer area in northern Iran whose sky is usually full of clouds. This green awesome area is located 45 km from Shahroud City, Semnan Province. Most think that Semnan Province in Iran is engulfed by the deserts, but just 45 kilometers north of the provincial city of Shahrud there is a very charming forest called Abr, which literally means Cloud Forest. This area is a part of the forests of Tuskistan (Hyrcanian 4.000.000 years old forest), which is a part of the oldest and most beautiful Hyrcanian forests with rare animal and plant species, and is one of the most beautiful parts of Shahrood city. You can wander in the clouds. If you be lucky, will see amazing views!

Where is the cloud forest?
The cloud forest is located 40 km northeast of Shahroud in Bastam and Kharqan districts. This forest is located in the eastern region of Alborz, 12 km from the village of Abr, and covers many parts of the border between the provinces of Semnan and Golestan.

How to get there?
There are daily regular public Bus schedules from Tehran to Shahroud City. you can book your ticket( 3 US$) from Bus Terminals.
 Tehran to cloud forest: 453 km
 Semnan to cloud forest: 138 km

Iran Eco Tour Mazandaran Forest, Iran

Jahan Nama Village, heaven above the clouds

- Jahan Nama Village, heaven above the clouds

If you are going to have an unforgettable and excellent journey above the clouds, you should choose a destination accompanied by safety, calmness, and especially beauty. A very calm and unparalleled place with a very attractive and spectacular area in the north of Iran among the Hyrcanian Forests and Alborz mountains, just like the countryside of the Alps. This summer village with local and native architecture and no signs of urban living, and plumbing water, mobile antennas, electricity, and telephone is the most amazing destination for nature lovers.

How to go there
There are daily regular buses scheduled from Tehran Bus Terminals to Gorgan (from 4 US$- 5.16.2023). From Gorgan to Jahan Nama Village is about 70 km long, the last 30 km of which is sandy and it may be a little difficult to cross.

Where to Stay
This is an exceptional option for those who prefer to stay in eco-lodges. The houses are away from the bustle of the big cities and are ideal for whom are looking for a place to enjoy the calmness and no technology. if you are looking for one of these local houses, please contact us.

Gorgan, A historical Paradise in the north of Iran

Opert, the border of desert and forest

- Opert, the border of desert and forest

A dreamy and cloudy borderline between Semnan and Mazandaran provinces with unique natural features that have changed it into one of the best natural destinations for nature lovers.
While you are standing on the Opert Wall a view of the cloud ocean is under your feet. Although Opert is geographically located in Mazandaran Province, the access route is from the province of Semnan and Shahmirzad city. The main path is not suitable for cars, therefore, to visit this area you must use 4w vehicles.

Where is the Operet?
Opert is located 55 km north of Mahdishahr City in Semnan province. The low distance from Tehran to Semnan(255 Km), let you to visit this village easily. A mix of a historical and natural tour in Semnan city would be the best option to visit this unique area. Our expert advisers can arrange it for you with the best services.

Attractions of the Opert region
While you are visiting the Opert region the Chort local lake, Badab-e Surt natural springs, Hyrcanian 4.000.000 years old forest, and eye-catching views of Semnan and Mzandaran provinces are calling you.

How to get to the Operet?
An off-road tour to the Opert region is the best option to visit all beauties of Semnan province.

When to go to the Operet?
Spring and Summer are the best time to visit this area but, if you like to visit the colorful forest, Autumn is the best time. Also, visiting the local Nomads would be an interesting experience for you.

Iran Eco-Tourism Diversity

Olasblanga, A fogy heaven

- Olasblanga, A fogy heaven

The north of Iran and the coasts of the Caspian Sea is unlike any other region of Iran. The mountains with green valleys, dense forests, rainy days, various waterfalls, green plateaus & plains, unique eye-catching views, and summer villages have made so interesting places that amaze all nature lovers. Guilan will not only enchant you with its beautiful scenery but also with the most delicious local foods (the capital of Iran's culinary) and local subcultures, would be an unforgettable journey for you. Most Iranian prefer to spend their vacation time in one of Gilan’s various vacation spots. Therefore Guilan is one of the best Iran tourism destinations.

Where is Olasblanga
It is located in the Masal area, 60-kilometer distance from Talesh and 55 kilometers far from Rasht. The low distance from Rasht to Tehran ( 320 Km), let you to visit this interesting place easily.

How to get there
As Rasht is one of the most important tourism destinations in the north of Iran there are different options for getting there.
- Car: There are various highways and asphalted roads from Tehran to Rasht( 320 Km).
- Bus: There are different daily scheduled time-table for buses (from 2 US$  5.15.202.) from Tehran's Bus terminals. You can arrange them with your tour itinerary easily.
- Flight: Rasht Airport with a regular timetable (from 15 US$  5.15.202.) is an easy and fast option.
- Train: Iran's Railway system from Tehran to Rasht (from 4 US$  5.15.202.), help you to have an easy, fast, and comfortable journey.

Where to stay
If you are going to stay in this dreamy area, you would have different choices.
Hotels: Many hotels with international standards in Rasht and Masal will be a comfortable and easy choice for you.
Apartment Hotel: The apartment hotel is an economical and suitable choice for you and your family.
Local houses and eco-lodges: If you plan to stay in one of the local houses with adequate facilities and security, be sure to contact our professional advisors.
We have a wide range of them at reasonable prices for you.