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How to go to the most colorful island of Iran

Iran has become one of the most ideal tourist destinations in the world with a collection of the most amazing natural regions. Among these natural attractions, the southern islands of Iran have a special feature. Among the southern islands of Iran, Hormoz Island has become one of the most popular tourist islands due to various natural reasons. Visiting this wonderful island is one of the most fascinating parts of the trip, which eliminate by some tour operators.

Hormoz sea Transportation

Hormoz the Rainbow Island or the colorful Island of Iran is the favorite place for all local and international tourists due to its breathtaking natural landscape.  It is also the most colorful and eatable island in Iran. Also, It’s one of the most colorful and magical islands not in the Middle East but in the world, and one of the most intact islands in Iran. If you love the wide range of colors in nature Hormoz is calling you. When you stroll around, you will see different shades and hues of red, yellow, ochre, orange, green, white, brown, beige, gold, grey, and turquoise colors. It is not for nothing the island is also called the Rainbow Island of Iran. It will fascinate you with how life is on the island. No cars, no smoke, and a blue sky on your head, only tuk-tuks (rickshaws), and motorbikes there. You can visit it in 2 days.

Why Hormoz Island

Why Hormoz

You will have the opportunity to visit the edible red soil and more than 70 other colored minerals that are unparalleled anywhere in the world. With unique landscapes and pristine With a moderate climate in winter is one of the best destinations for winter travel. Its azure and transparent beaches provide a variety of water and sea recreation. A trip to this island will acquaint you with the lifestyle, customs, clothes, and local foods

Hormoz Island climate

This southern island of Iran with a warm climate in summer is the best tourist destination for winter travel.

How to get Hormuz

How to get there

The distance between Hormozgan to Tehran is 1336 km, so you will have a very long trip from Tehran to Hormoz. Therefore, when you are visiting Shiraz, you can add the southern islands of Iran to your itinerary. Hormoz Island has no airport,  the nearest airport is Bandar e Abbas airport. You can easily reach Hormoz by ferry from Bandar Abbass and Qeshm Island.
Bandar e Abbas airport to Hormoz Island= 29 Km 1 hour by ferry.
-Ferry departure from Bandar e Abbass to Hormoz Island: 6:45 am 9:00 am 12:00 am 2:00 pm 5:00 pm
-Ferry departure from Hormoz Island to Bandar e Abbass: 7:00 am 10:00 am 1:30 pm 3:30 pm 7:00 pm

What to see in Hormoz island

More Options
You can reach Hormoz by public bus transportation, train, or scheduled daily flights.

Tehran to Bandar e Abbas by flight 1.45 Min  average price: 40 US$ (updated 1.2022)
Shiraz to Bandar e Abbas by flight 1.10 Min  average price: 24 US$ (updated 1.2022)
It is about 20 hours and the average price: 15 US$ (updated 1.2022)
It is about 20 hours and the average price: 10 US$ (updated 1.2022)

Where to stay on Hormuz Island
Hormuz New Hotel
Where to stay on Hormuz Island

There are no 4-star or 5-star luxury hotels on Hormoz Island. It has only two 3-star hotels called Hormoz Island and Hormooz hotel.

Book your Hotel and Local ecotourism
Also, you can use other options:
Local ecotourism: These local homes with simple facilities provide you a safe and comfortable accommodation at a low price(about 10 us$ updated 1.2022).
Camping: You can make camping and stay on the beach of Hormoz Island.

What to eat in Hormoz island
The Local Cuisines of Hormuz Island
Hormuz Island is a great place for tasting local Iran seafood

These local dishes are prepared with a variety of different fresh fishes, local vegetables, and excellent old recipes inherited from the grandmothers.
The most popular local dishes that are offered to you are:
Roasted fish:  Roasted fish on charcoal is one of the most popular local foods in Hormozgan especially Qeshm Island.
Ghelieh Mahi: The main famous dish in Qeshm and Hormuz. Persian Spicy Fish or shrimp Stew is most famous in southern Iran. Fish is a portion of protein-rich and tasty food that is especially popular in the southern provinces due to its proximity to the Persian Gulf.
Ankas or squid main course as a thing to eat from Qeshm-Hormuz

Ankas or Squid: It is one of the favorite southern seafood fish that is always used in Qeshm dishes. Ankas is another name for squid, which is served as one of the traditional dishes of Qeshm.

Havari: Hawarii or Hawaree is the main course in Qeshm-Hormuz
A variety of foods with seafood are the most important part of the island's cuisine.

Zebon or Tahchin: The main dish as a thing to eat in Qeshm-Hormuz Island. Zebon (Tah-chin), tasty dish in Qeshm, Hormozgan. It (Tah-chin) is very popular not only in Hormozgan but also all over Iran. Like most Southern dishes, fish is used in this dish. One of the main characteristics of Qeshm foods is the aroma of vegetables which you can easily smell in most foods. Potatoes and fried fish make this dish very tasty.

Mahyaveh or Mahi Abe: An appetizer in Qeshm-Hormuz
Mahyaveh (Mahi Abe in Farsi), is the taste of tiny fishes. It is cooked with small fish such as sardines, which are usually served as an appetizer before serving local dishes.

Singow or crab: One of the main courses in Qeshm and Hormuz.
You can taste the Persian Crabs in Hormuz that are cooked with local herbal vegetables. Crabs are another delicious seafood in the south of Iran, with various ways of cooking.

Maluk ,oyster:  The oyster or Sadaf is one of the most nutritious and popular seafood in the south of Iran that has many fans.

What to see in Hormuz

The Portuguese Castle of Hormuz Island:
A relic from the Portuguese colonial period on the island of Hormuz was built in the early 16th century. It is one of the last surviving monuments of the Portuguese rule in the Persian Gulf that are scattered across its littoral areas and islands, including Qeshm Island, Kong Port, Oman, Ras al-Khaimah (UAE), and Chabahar.

Silence Valley
The Silence Valley is a place that can take your breath away.
Here, means you are on another planet and this valley has the strongest out of this world features. The real silence in this valley has caused it to be called the “Valley of Silence”. On the way, you can enjoy a variety of colorful soils and salt rocks. The valley is surrounded by beautiful salt rocks and crystal valleys.

Valley of the Statues
This valley is where it stimulates your imagination. Tall rocks have been transformed into various forms by natural elements. With a little care and artistic imagination, you can see dragons, birds, and legendary creatures. This attraction is a great place for Instagram photography. The geologists believe the age of the island is 600 million years ago and its external life from water is estimated at about 50,000 years.

Colorful mountains or Rainbow Mountains of Hormuz Island
The Hormoz Island is covered with rainbow mountains where you can freely walk through most of them. In the vicinity of Silence Valley, lies the mesmerizing mountains of more than 70 minerals, rendering the valley a perfect subject of Geology studies. These mineral colors of black, white, yellow, red, blue, … is the paradise of Geologist and make up a stellar landscape, no visitor of Hormuz wishes to miss.

The Dr. Nadalian Museum and Gallery
The Dr. Ahmad Nadalian Museum and Gallery exhibit the works of this internationally renowned environmental artist. Many of his works are in other museums around the world. His environmental art projects include rock carving and natural color paintings.

Hormoz soil carpet
Hormoz Island is the most famous Iran Island for its colorful soil and this led to making the world's largest soil carpet by the name "Persian Gulf". A great soil carpet covers an area of 1300 square meters with 90 different colors of soil.

Getting Hormuz
You don't see the cars there. you only see tuk-tuks (rickshaws) and motorbikes and a blue sky on your head. The entire island is around 30 km with a couple of roads. Thus, it’s really easy to visit.

Visit Hormoz By Tuk Tuk

By Tuk Tuk
The best way to get around the island is through Tuk-Tuk (rickshaw). This vehicle can normally move 6-8 people. Use your negotiation skills for fixing the price. The price depends on your negotiation skills. It should be between  (~1.20 € / ~1.30 USD) and (~2.90 € / ~3.20 USD) for an hour. The more you are, the less you pay per person.

Hormoz discovering By Bike

By Bike
There are different places for hiring the Bike. You can rent a bike and visit all around the Island easily. It costs a maximum of  (~0.60 € / ~0.70 USD) per hour.

On Foot
As the island is really small, you can just walk around. If you are staying a lot of time there, it’s also a wonderful idea.

The best travel season in Hormuz
Hormoz is a hot and humid land and the relative humidity is high. July to September is the hottest time on the island and January and February are the coldest days. The best time to visit Hormoz is from early winter to early spring.

Spring: At the beginning of spring and Nowruz, Hormoz is full of tourists. The island has a relatively mild climate at this time of year and can be easily explored, but the presence of a large number of tourists may cause you problems.
Summer: In the last days of spring, the temperature rises sharply and is the worst time to travel until almost the end of summer.
Autumn: The beginning of the tourist season in Hormoz Island.
Winter: The best time to visit Hormoz is winter. Natural events such as the migration of birds and turtles also occur in this season.