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The Pazyryk rug is one of the oldest carpets in the world, dating around 5th c. BC.

A new look at the angles of the four thousand years history of Persian carpet

"Houshang" King of Persia 2000 years BC ordered to kill predatory animals and their skins for clothes and carpets are produced. Corner on the carpet in most of the Sol researchers, authors, and authors of the rev the field is written. This will cause the points to consider when thinking of expert researchers and writers about it, and a good platform for further research in the categories on the carpet obtained
" Said Houshang., who was the first person in his property, and iron for making tools and industry it ... said to kill predatory animals and from their skin and clothes and carpets ....
« Corp and some say genealogy Tahmourespour son Viyungahan boy Ankhd boy Askhd boy, Houshang King found after he had continents property .... He was the first one that was covered with wool and hair .... Everything is written in Persian ."

The most famous crafts of Iran

This emphasis on the carpet, dated at 1200 years ago without political considerations, and because of historical and geographical today can only emphasize on carpet four thousand years old (not two thousand five hundred years old) is in the historical differences between Given that the reign of Houshang metal was known and exploited Bringing your profile is periodic But the study is on the following pages:
weave and color ....
And underlines again the next screen :
" Fifty years to the hundredth of silk and cotton and flax and other vegetable kingdom said that to spin and weave and color ..."
As the text is on the Persian King Jamshid vows to notions such as justice cruelty, weapons, planting, harvesting, sericulture, and weaving, and dyeing are met, certainly have carpet on the stage of growth that it specific manner and in accordance with tastes, aspirations and ethnic differences carpets, clothes and Mark weave and color and then carpet and rug dyeing wool and hair removed from its shape, color and stamp some beliefs and interests with the colors of the carpets to the first day they are born.

Carpet Market is one of the most beautiful markets in Iran

the history of human civilization in a vast area of ancient Persia with Iran is certain that all traces of the remains ancient civilization of Iran is rather evident. According to the characters, texture, and pattern in hand WOven oldest man ever achieved (Pazyk) prove the claim.
Instead of remaining in the ancients carved panels on the roof and taking a boar hunting scene typical of the style of the Sasanian rug before it is clear. The carpet in the corner of the boat, grab women woman draped branches that the maze is very leading to bud. According to Herzfeld scheme used in the meat industry indicates that this product had been knotted rugs originate. This kind of carpet weaving in Iran after Islam continued and associated with Islamic art and the results are marvelous examples of rip today has very beautiful.
Carpet designs reflect the time and emotional needs of humanity, courage. generosity, agility, hunting, love, and beauty are so many stories of agility. warfare, hunting, good habits, even worshiped by the ancient Persians instead of thinking that remains in literature, painting and works instead reflected their balance and centuries canvases ornaments, carpets and textiles have been. Similar designs and marks on the cup in the Hermitage Museum and Pazyryk carpets and other carpets and textiles ages prove this claim.
Carpet due to its properties located in rows the best fact that even among the gifts that others have offered. Ibn Khaldun says: " in the royal robe customarily used in the royal statue or picture of plait include Royal symptoms big sky with colors that put him at the entrance of his tent and hang on."
So it turns out that the carpets are woven not only as a mat luxury and dignity but also the tools that have been used and, accordingly, carpets and exquisite damascene Microwave have been too having distinct social components to be considered middle class Please reflect on this historic highs:
"Even in this class, although they are not parties to the mongrel offspring weavers are skilled and proficient surgeons guessed.
"That's a thin carpet of royal negligence Tesiphon (Arch deficit), and Hari K. (Spring fraction ) is called or quote Balamy it winter carpet Could have been made of brocade and sixty cubits in length and breadth in the winter and spring scene spread against the king. carpet is known as kasra spring also part of the spoils fell to the Muslim army." " In the years 627 and 628 AD era Khosrow Parviz and several dams on the Tigris and Euphrates, the great revolt broke, said Khosrow Parviz heap of gold wire onto the carpet and encourage workers to a dam built forty days sense, "

Iranian carpet is one of the most important handicrafts of Iran

After the carpet in the life and economy of the aristocracy and kings in order to identify and invest in jobs and income as well as middle-class part of it, we, the better the top of Safarname Chinese traveler Hyuen Tesyang at the beginning of by the seventh century and in its iconic and old carpet and rug, manufacturing trades between Iran and China as well as the influence of Iran and China refers to the carpet from Iran, the accuracy of we :
"The country's main products are gold, silver, copper, rock crystal, pearls and other precious Naderalvojud is. Silk and woolen fabrics and carpets artisans’ estate rugs and other things."
And also influence downs in the carpet from Iran and Central Asia Region note:
Given that quoted the Iranian Sasanian Kermun Manoyany moved to Turkestan, were developed and put in place industrial masterpieces, even in the eighth century, the Uighur ethnic ancestry have they formed a government in order to preserve the cult of Mani their efforts."
Therefore, consideration of historical documents that have already been announced by the researchers investigated and disciplines for the first time at the beginning of this article, readers have been seen by the writer to be explicitly dating, beauty, quality, diversity, and originality, and get the in Iranian carpet According to contemporary producers and policymakers to preserve this precious heritage and valuable works on culture, art, history and economy and employment will be attracted Which was duly sense, although poor little notes are written to what took place and what may seem acceptable.