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My First Travel To Iran
Travel to Iran is a unique experience. Not only because of the splendid sights (mosques, gardens, bridges, palaces) and ancient monuments (Persepolis, stone carvings of Dariush and the tomb of Cyrus) but especially the welcoming and friendly Iranians leave an unforgettable impression. Once you have been in Iran, it changes forever the often negative image of this beautiful country and its population. The excellent organization of our travel agent. we thank our travel agency. Our well-chosen travel route and accommodation completely fitted our wishes. A minor detail was the reckless driving style of our Teheran taxi which can only be understood after seeing all the other thousands of drivers in Teheran.

Our highly supportive guide Sajad was able to tell us many interesting things and showed us remarkable places. His English was excellent and he took care of the practical things like checking in, choosing a restaurant, and tipping. It was an unforgettable trip.
Dr. P. LeguitLaren, October 2008