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First Trip To Iran

If you are a traveler and haven't been in Iran. These are your question for a trip to Iran. Well, remember that Iran society and culture would be very mysterious or unknown to you. One of the biggest problems in Iran is the impact of advertising and media on Iran passengers. They present an obscure and unrealistic image of Iran

These are your question for trip to Iran

Iran has always been one of the most countries in tourism map from hundreds of years ago. The unique situation of Iran in the silk road caused  Iran visited and introduced with most famous explorer during the history. If this is your first time to Iran, you need to know a little bit about Iran. Iran is one of the special countries of the Middle East that has its own traditional ceremony and customs. Iran is a religious-democratic government. you should adapt yourself with a new lifestyle while you are in Iran. That means a new dress style, no alcohol, no credit card and some other things which would be odd for you. But all these strange things will make a memorable journey for you that you will never forget it. The most important part of your trip is the Iran visa. All nationalities can take visa upon their arrival (except the USA, U K & Canadian, they should take their visa on the basis a perfect tour program by an Iranian travel agent ).
You can make a contact with one of the Iranian tour operators and fill out the online visa form. And then you need to wait to get your visa authorization from the Iranian foreign ministry. After taking the authorization, then you can go to the nearest Iranian embassy and pick up your visa.

Iran has always been one of the most countries in tourism map from hundreds of years ago.

There are involved costs, usually comprised the application fee (around 50$ per person) and issuance fee which collected at the embassy while your visa granted to you. The issuance cost varies based on the nationality of the applicant, which could be somewhere between 20 to 100$. Your visa would be ok for about 2 weeks and if you decide to stay longer you can get extensions while in Iran. The extension cost is about 2 $ and is about 1 week.
Visas to Iran are the mostly single entry, so if you need multiple entries you need to let your travel agent.

All passengers can arrive Iran easily

Social Norms  in Iran

It is hard to say who Iranians are. They are conservative and  Simultaneously the most world's hospitable people. Shy and polite and yet sometimes annoyingly courteous. But overall they are perhaps one of the most interesting kinds you might come across ever! Don’t be shy to start a talk, In most time you may invite to their homes.
If you got invited, you might want to go there! Iranian love guests. Iranian women are more conservative changing. men. Although it is changing . Girls are pretty shy but don’t hesitate to ask any question that you have, if you feel it is polite enough. The younger generation is more interested in learning English and are pretty familiar with western symbols and world affairs. Always be open to initiate a conversation.