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Afshar Dynasty (1736-1747)

After a brief conquest of Iran by the Afghans, the Iranian army commanded by Nader, a brave commander of Tahmasb Mirza, son of the last Safavid king, defeated the Afghans after four battles and chased them out of Iran. Meanwhile, after a series of battles with Ottoman Turkey, Nader Shah has won victories in all areas. He defeated the Turkish armies and pushed them to the Black Sea and expelled them from Armenia and Georgia. He also frightened the Russian soldiers to escape the Caucasus. After all these conquests, this brave army commander laid the foundation for the Afshar dynasty, but after his death, the vast Iranian empire unified under one banner suddenly disintegrated. The commanders of Nader's army, who had regained their dignity under Nader, clashed to claim the crown. Finally, Karim Khan came out victorious.